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Review: Underdog - Niall Bingham - at ROOM 70 Juta

Underdog - an intervention by Niall Bingham

The event last night was the unveiling of an artwork that has taken on a life of its own, having fought to get displayed in the right atmosphere and location. A number of galleries baulked at the idea in the wake of that waste of space and needless "The Spear". Its just a fucking penis…


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Review: Wrangler Launch

I was privileged enough to receive an invite to an event that is very exciting to me the Re-Launch of Wrangler Jeans at the Turbine Hall.

All the Ingredients were there for something special. A great location, good food, open bar and of  course some of the most special and historical denim wear available. It didnt go according to plan though, not for me anyway.

I have pretty specific ideas of what Wrangler represents. I see: horses, cowboys, leather, hay bales,…


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Motel Mari

Welcome to the magical world of Motel Mari (I am not spelling correctly because I dont know how to use the characters on my keyboard correctly)

So, this is a new project from Mpumi Mcata, Tshepang Ramoba and João Orecchia. Mpumi and Tshepang are two of the founding member of the Blk Jks and Joao performs solo as well as in a Duo called…


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Event: Beach Party - Go Trippin

So Psychedelic-Afro-Disco-Surf-Punk band Beach Party are going on a little tour:

-Thursday 28th June, DJ set at Bob Rocks (JHB)

-Friday 29th June, The Make Overs album launch at The Bohemian (JHB) with Shortstraw and Brown Spiders …


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Review: Cult Collective

I recently had the pleasure of doing some work for this remarkable design duo, so thought I would share these beautiful images. I have big love for the slight debauchery of the images, the sleazy sexual connotations. Their designs have an element of the grotesque. I like it.

the photography is by Justin McGee, outright good guy. 

This is the…


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Adidas Originals and We-Are-Awesome

At the Adidas Originals event at Town Hall all the ingredients for an amazing night were there in force. Desmond and the Tutu's, one of South Africa's slickest live bands; Spoek Mathambo, with entourage ready to perform the hell out of Jhb; Oh yeah and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were also there I suppose.

Holy CRAP…


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These are 3 words that you all need to pay attention to. You need to go to their page (on FB), like it and then prepare for levels of awesome that you never expected. In the space of a couple of months they have managed to get 2 of the worlds top acts to South Africa. Indie music lover are completely ignored in South Africa and these guys are sorting…


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What to do this Thursday: "OUR HOUSE" Satellite Spaces at 66 Carr Street

A living installation is happening at 66 Carr street this thursday, featuring some of the most talented designers and artists South Africa has to offer


these are the artists working on it:


Nicole lindique

Dokter and Misses

Givan Lotz…


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Review: Heart of Glass at Shepstone Gardens

This night started out mediocre, we went to a party earlier (another free party hosted by an alcohol company) which was pretty lame. Its 18yr old audience was enthralled with the blow up dolls floating around the crowd. Although Yo Grapes was interesting and pretty good actually (bar the "hip-hop track which was dreadful) and Shortstraw were their usual…


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What to do Tomorrow night: Bare Your Bones - Mariette Bergh at ROOM


Mariette Bergh is one of a few young and brilliant artists coming out of South Africa. The last exhibition I went to of hers was an incredible affair in Rosebank with gentle images painted on glass.


Her new exhibition which opens …


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Review: Holiday Murray Interactive Listening Session

Photo taken on a NIKON D300S


The Bioscope was the venue for Holiday Murray's first performance in Jozi. The idea behind the event was to let fans ask questions of the band to get a better insight into the music and the band themselves. The sound was brilliant I thought, I heard some voices of concern from the band, but really it was damn…


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Review: 5gum party at Nasrec

Good party with mediocre band attached to it.


Driving to Nasrec is perhaps 20 minutes out of my driving distance comfort zone, I remember going there for the Rand show as a kid and I hated driving (or being driven) that far even then. Imagine my surprise when in Hall 8 there was this exquisitely built stage with an epic sound system two huge tv screens for those too far back to see properly and amazing lighting.




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What to do tonight: To Hire a Nurse at Amuse Cafe in Linden

You might remember my glowing review a few weeks ago regarding To Hire a Nurse. Well your time has come to hear them for yourselves. Cancel your plans, get a babysitter, fill your Hip Flask (if it wasn't stolen at Sowing the Seeds this weekend GRRRR) and get down to Amuse cafe in Linden to see them.


I have not been to Amuse cafe before and but judging by the photos on their page, it…


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Review: I wrote this for you @ New Clr

I have known IWTFY for some time, I would consider myself a friend. Its perhaps this that has always held me back from having a solid opinion on his work. Last night changes this, I wish to have an opinion and a strong one. I thought it was a magnificent and…


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Reminder: I Wrote This For You - LIVE TONIGHT

A little reminder about the I Wrote This For You book launch tonight at NewClr at 70 Juta.


details are in this blog post:  Please Find This



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What to do on Monday the 27th

This from I wrote this for you  one of the most popular poet bloggers in the world. I highly recommend you all come to this:

The first chapter, Sun, and a selection of work from the #1 international bestseller, I Wrote This For You, will be read, followed by signing of books/iPads/kindles at: …


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Review: The Blk Jks at the Bohemian

I got light criticism last week for writing a completely smitten review about the Tallest Man on Earth. It was not my best writing, its true. Spelling errors and there was no organisation, I wrote as I felt which is ok with me.  I write to express something, I…


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Review: Heike from Telkom

I thought I would give massive props to a guy called Heike from Telkom.


Yes I know what you are thinking "someone from Telkom is getting a good review??"

Well its true, I dealt with this guy a small time ago and he went out of his way to be helpful, even going so far as to come by on a sunday to try and install my internet line. 


What a legend


I thought I would forget about him until I moved house and there was Heike doing his best under…


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What to do this Friday: Shadowclub and Blk Jks

Ok so there are no introductions necessary here.


Its pretty clear... you have to go to this, you understand this right? You are aware that this is perhaps the best gig of the year.




The ever elusive Blk Jks playing again.

Shadowclub finally back in Jozi

At the place with the only music cred in Jozi (despite the sound coughcough)



so people here it is:




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Review: The Tallest Man on Earth (A Valentines message)

So lets get the bad out the way


Wrestlerish ... the less said the better, embarrassing display for our amazing guest.

That awful woman sitting front right who kept heckling like it was part of her job.




Kristian Matsson provided a night of beauty, of magic and of…


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