Welcome to the magical world of Motel Mari (I am not spelling correctly because I dont know how to use the characters on my keyboard correctly)

So, this is a new project from Mpumi Mcata, Tshepang Ramoba and João Orecchia. Mpumi and Tshepang are two of the founding member of the Blk Jks and Joao performs solo as well as in a Duo called Vincent. 

The album drops today and I for one will be running to whichever outlet stocks brilliance like this. You know what I like about these boys? They are brave as fuck, they dont seem to give two shits about what anyone thinks. That is the perfect art to me, maybe you dont like what is put before, but you know the integrity of the artist is sound.

And I DO like this project, its soundscape takes me to places that noone in South Africa has done (well)  I am one for Shoegaze music, I dont need specific instruments. Challenge me, make me fucking work for my enjoyment. I dont want quickie sex music, I want foreplay and teasing and maybe a little pain. In the end its going to be the best experience you've ever had. Why do you have to listen to easy music all the time. WHY? Its unfulfilling, its sad and lonely. Sure you get to dance to it once in a while, but it wont move you. This music will take you somewhere and you might get scared along the way, there will be ominous characters and litter in the streets, but when you get to your destination the lights will be brighter, the sounds louder and the air will be fresher.

At 1:43 in the video (directed by Mpumi) there is a laugh, a squash racket and a break so beautiful you want to cry for joy. I want to punch the air in joy and dance in the street.

These are the bravest musicians in South Africa, these are my people, this what I want to listen to. 

So much love

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