I recently had the pleasure of doing some work for this remarkable design duo, so thought I would share these beautiful images. I have big love for the slight debauchery of the images, the sleazy sexual connotations. Their designs have an element of the grotesque. I like it.

the photography is by Justin McGee, outright good guy. 

This is the Press Release for Cult Collective:

Cult Collective.

William Ndatila is the product of an international life, Born in Burundi and raised
in French Switzerland his journey has taken him all over the globe stopping to
embrace new ideas and fashions. Miro Bijelich is Pretoria born of Lebanese and
Croatian parents, these highly passionate bloodlines have taken him worldwide
working for Diesel, D+G, Guess and the trend dept. of a major SA Retailer.

These two lives have come together to create Cult Collective, a brand with a
vision as ambitious and beautiful as its creators. This vision is simple, but not
easy. William and Miro have very different aesthetics, the former is more gothic,
dark and elegant and the latter more pop and colourful.
Where they come together is their inspiration. Both love the power of new media
and images, which comes through in their designs. As well as the belief that
their art is not a seasonal throw away, each piece is meant to be cherished and
loved for years. Their goal is to be able to make South African design with a truly
global appeal and not just aim at the traditional Fashion Capitals. To take street
wear and make it sexy and refined without losing its grittiness and heart. To
make great fashion more accessible than couture, but just as desirable.

Cult collective, each piece Iconic.

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Comment by The Mask on June 12, 2012 at 10:58

LOVE!!!!! thanks for sharing Jozi

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