Good party with mediocre band attached to it.


Driving to Nasrec is perhaps 20 minutes out of my driving distance comfort zone, I remember going there for the Rand show as a kid and I hated driving (or being driven) that far even then. Imagine my surprise when in Hall 8 there was this exquisitely built stage with an epic sound system two huge tv screens for those too far back to see properly and amazing lighting.


The bands on show were Isochronous who are a bit crap and wish they were MEW, Desmond and the Tutu's who are a special breed of awesome. The Tutu's easily managed to upstage 2 Door Cinema Club. They were electric and they brought out so much love and joy from the audience. 


2DCC have been nominated for an NME award for best live band. I am a bit non-plussed about that. Sure they have a banging riff for most tracks, which is fun. That really is about it, the singer is good, the drummer is capable ... they are just a but boring. Sure go dance around a bit to repetitive beats and bounce a bit. I just dont see anything else, the band interacted with the crowd in the typical bland blase' phrases like "its so good to be here", "we love johannesburg" (cue hysterical screaming) 


There were one or two tracks that held slightly more weight, but really they can be summed up as "slightly boring northern Irish Indie pop band that gets attention in South Africa for not being foreign"


All in all the actual event was brilliantly done and kudos to 5gum for that slick organisation. I would like to say that I would prefer my free gum to come in a sealed wrapper and not a piece of foil that can allow an array of interesting hand germs to enter. 

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