To Hire a Nurse


I saw these guys about 2 years ago, I remembered loving them then and going online to hear some more. I found the odd song on Myspace and that was it. There is a track hiding on Youtube which you can see here. Perhaps it would be fun to read this post while listening to that track?


I was thinking over the weekend how to express the music they make and how it makes me feel. Those years ago when I saw them the first time I heard echoes of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, I can even hear Earth's latest album, and this Saturday I heard Godspeed You! Black Emperor. GY!BE might be stretching it a bit, but what I mean by that comparison is the incredible build up and patience of the music. There is no easy gift in the T.H.A.N. set, whine is pretty from the start but the calm and steady build toward mad violin joy is magnificent. 

There are 5 members of the band:


Connor O'Brien - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
James Finnemore - Bass
Donovan Campbell - Guitar
Warrick Poultney - Drums

Waldo Alexander - Violin


Each of these men are irreplaceable, they compliment each other perfectly. The drone and build of the music has to have people on stage who understand what they are doing without fault. Drums, Bass and Acoustic guitar seem to be one instrument holding together the rhythms and heartbeat. Even Connor o'Brien's deep dark voice seems to be a part of the bass of the instruments, never asking for more attention than that. The notes that break that post-rock build up are played by the lead guitar and electric violin. I am no fan of the electric, but Waldo Alexander just took that instrument and made it do things, nasty dirty pornographic things. His Violin seemed to relish being pushed to its limits and it was a joy to watch.


Its like watching an organism on stage when you see this band, no holding back ripping into your body's vibrations and becoming a part of you.


thank you To Hire a Nurse 

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