Review: Opinion (which he is entitled to) article by Jon Savage in SA Rolling Stone


Jon Savage

I would tell you more about him, but don't worry his own articles give his life story in excruciating detail so I don't need to. He has written an article for the Rolling Stone SA about the local music industry. This is what we think about it:


This is a revolting article.

This is of value "local is not lekker, lekker is lekker" and the seperate charts for SA music.

The rest is garbage and probably explains who 5fm really are in the modern South African musical world, the first half of the article is a description of how awesome and relevant our esteemed author is. Followed by advertisements for himself and his employer. Not only that but it was also written BY THE AUTHOR! If the Editor had written an "about the author" piece then cool, that is what should be written, but no this drivel was written by Jon Savage about himself!

Then we get to the real crux of what he is saying, which is that South African music doesn't cut it in any environment because "local is lekker" stagnated our music. 

I disagree, I think that a lot of local music is kak and that a lot of "local" music is kak everywhere else in the world too. However his broad statement that ALL local music is kak, well that smacks of an idiot who doesn't do his research, doesn't actually go out and see bands, doesn't embrace the music scene enough to actually make a statement regarding it. 

This the man who says "And I'm as opinionated as hell. I just can't help myself." 

WOW well fucking done, well done Jon you have an opinion. So with your massive opinion (of yourself) as well as on music. How many songs that you actually like do you play on your radio show? This leaves 2 possible answers:

A: all the songs you play on your show you love, in which case you are just like every other piece of kak in the machine that you work for.
B: you play some tracks you like and the rest 5fm put on a little disc for you to rehash every 25 minutes.

The bold statement about your opinion is defunct and invalid if you are not allowed to have an opinion on what represents you on the radio, and that is the music. So if you are a big fan of all that international bullshit that is played in 5fm then shut the hell up about local music.

Then lets get to " 5FM – SA's national youth station" IT DOES NOT represent the youth, NO ONE represents the youth on Radio.

finally a list of bands you should actually listen to before you say local is crap:

To hire a nurse.
The Black Cat Bones. 
Rambling Bones 
Hot Water 
The Brother Moves On.
Nakhane Toure 
Black Pimp'n Jesus. 
Jet Black Camaro. 
Eyes Like Mirrors.
Mr Cat and the Jackal. 
Death Valley Blues Band.
Blk Jks

now bar 2 of those, they are all Jhb bands. There is still the rest of the country to go through. Come on Jon. 


go listen to that stuff, then tell us SA music hasn't developed. Sure the kak they want you to play on 5fm is shitty prime circle rock circa 1995. I get that, but there is more dude.

there is more.

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Comment by Cover Girl on December 1, 2011 at 12:22

Nothing like a man with an opinion....well done!  I feel local needs all the constructive support and nurturing it can get. By this I refer to local designers too. We are obsessed with imports and are too quick to criticize our very own, without searching and building on the gems which already exist.

Comment by Jozi Review on December 1, 2011 at 12:28

Bravo CG. Check this local gem:

Comment by Cover Girl on December 1, 2011 at 12:35

Thank you JR...inspiration for my next blog :)

Comment by Socratis Avgitidis on December 1, 2011 at 12:47

I hate the term "local is lekker"....It is not lekker, but rather it is Hip, it is Happening and within all restraints it is cutting edge. There needs to be an association(unlike current ones) that market the notion of local products, brands and persona in a hip way. Much like the Japanese have achieved.  

Comment by Danielle on December 1, 2011 at 12:47

so true, so true. i have witnessed alot of local talent here in SA and some of it i even prefer to overseas talent. Imports have become so commercialised that there is no real difference anymore. Local is Lekker. Im not saying i listen to it all the time, but when i do, i thoroughly  enjoy it. Why do people always have to find problems with things. We wouldnt have local music if it wasnt for our artists that put their blood shed in what they do. competing with overseas is not fun and its so hard to make a living with difference. So well done to you local guys who have made it, or who have even tried.

Comment by Jozi Review on December 1, 2011 at 12:50
You guys are great! Keep supporting locals, go out, get drunk, dance to bands. -the end
Comment by Danielle on December 1, 2011 at 12:54 most certainly do have wise words

Comment by Beth Seagal on December 1, 2011 at 13:04

It's people like you Jozie that lead by example, this is referring to all your posts which I read. Keeping me informed about what's local. @ Socratis - for me this is the start of marketing in the right way.

Comment by Strato Copteros on December 1, 2011 at 15:57

Well said! Our band's shared bills with the Brother Moves On and Mr Cat & The Jackal at the Gtown National Arts Festival. And I drummed for The Brother in one of their Eastern Cape tours before they cemented their current rhythm section! Amazing bands!

Comment by Jon Savage on December 7, 2011 at 17:01

I've really tried to sit on my hands reading a lot of the crap that is written about me over the past 2 weeks but i've got to tell you - my article aside - this is the worst piece of journalism I've ever read. Has anyone in this forum even READ my article. It is obvious that the writer who wrote this has NOT!!!!! 

Yes, i seem to have been given a lot of flack for being "self-involved" because i've written about myself in my article. I am new to being a writer and i thought i would at least try and start with an introduction, for those who did not know who the writer is ... or, even worse, googled "jon savage" and came up with the wrong one. This has been blown out of epic proportion about how i am obsesses with myself. Fine. I'll take this one on the chin.

But for shit's sake, anyone who actually READ my article will know that i did NOT write SA Music is crap!!! In fact my whole article is about the OPPOSITE!!! According to this ridiculous piece of writing above, my "broad statement that ALL local music is kak" - WOW!!! 

The whole poing of my article was to say that finally our SA bands are so good, that they hold up on an international level!!! Bands are so good, production is so good, song writing is so good that finally you cannot hear a that a band is "local" when it is on the radio any more!!! So we should stop relying on the "local" tag! Because finally we are in the big league with bands like Z&G, Shadowclub, even bands like Mr Cat and the Jackal.

Finally, the final rant of your article is even more fucking ridiculous. Have you EVER even listened to my show? I play those bands all the time ! And more!!! I am the hugest music supporter - it's what i do with most of my life! And all your bullshit about what i play on my radio show? That's just childish bullshit! I spend days preparing for each and every show to play the raddest music i can possibly find from all over the universe, including SA, and let me tell you, its not easy!!! I do regular interviews with bands, local and international, and continuously promote South African music as GREAT music, not just as SA music.

It's articles like your that spread false information. and is frankly bullshit. And well done on being able to name 6 South African bands in a row. I'm so impressed! You certainly showed me!

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