How Do I Set up a Blog?

A blog is simply an online journal, diary or commentary. But unlike a regular diary you can add pictures, videos, widgets and other multimedia to your blog.

Just as you make regular entries to your journal, you also make regular entries to your blog. This could be as often as once a day or as infrequently as once a month.

Why start a blog?

Use your blog to share your thoughts and tips with the world. Maybe you are a fashion designer and want to show the making of your new skirt, a photographer showcasing a new photo, so journalise your experience for others to follow.

How does your blog post hit the main page?

We'll often feature your blog post right on our main page. After you've written your blog post, under "Who Can View This Post" you choose "Everyone," you'll automatically get published into our blog section. Whether you hit the main page, however, is determined by us. So make it creative and keep it fresh!

Self -promotion is only allowed if "Your Friends Only" is chosen under "Who Can View This Post." The post will then only be viewed on your page to your friends.

A few tips on how to get featured:

1. Include a picture first in your post followed by a few sentences text before your next picture.

In other words:

2. Make it relevant to one of our three core categories - Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

3. As a new member, take some time to get to know the content that flows through the site before your first post.

Here's how you start a blog of your own:

STEP 1 - Go to the top navigation bar and click "BLOGS".


STEP 2 - Click the "ADD" button.

STEP 3 - Give your blog a Title and then add your content. You can use the icons (seen in screen shot below) to format your, text, add pictures,videos, add links and attach files to your blog entry.

STEP 4 - Remember to tag your post. This is a great way for members to find your blog through keywords.

How do I tag my post? Separate all key words with a comma, if a double word the use inverted commas. example Tags   fashion,photo,"neofundi news",web

Once tagged your 4 key words listed will be as follows:



neofundi news



STEP 5 - Choose when you want to publish your blog entry (either right away or at some future date) and set who can view and comment on your blog entry.


STEP 6 -You can now click on Preview and see how your blog looks, if happy with result click on Publish Post on the bottom right of your screen.


If you now click on the "My Page" tab to get to your profile and then click "My Blog", you'll see the title of your first blog entry! You can edit it at any time and to the right you will see the "Monthly Archives" box- where all of your blog entries will be stored in date order!


How Do I Add Pictures to My Blog Entries? 

When you are adding a new blog entry you'll see a series of icons just above the text entry box that look like this:

Click the picture icon (circled in red) and you can choose to either upload a picture from your PC or paste the URL of picture you've already uploaded. 

You can choose the layout of your pic, provide a link and edit the size you want the pic to appear on your blog. Pic size is automatically formatted for you, if you wish to edit increase/decrease the pixels in the 'width' box.


Can I Add Videos to My Blog Entries?

Absolutely and it's very easy! You can add a video from say YouTube or Vimeo (or any video sharing site for that matter)

Simply go to YouTube for example and find the video you want. You will see a box that says 'share", click on this and then click on 'embed'.

Once you click 'embed' the embed code is opened. Click on code so that it is highlighted, then right click 'copy' and paste it into your blog entry. 

On your blog click on the video icon circled in red.

The following will appear

Now paste the embed code, click OK and the video will appear when blog is published.

How do I Add Links to My Blog Entries?

Click the 'link' icon (circled in red) a box will pop up asking you to enter the address(URL) of the page or site you want to link to.

The link code will now be added to your post.




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