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Indispensable Blind Tones

In order to provide for the widest range of tastes and also visual appeals Sunshade Blind Equipments can provide essential UK Venetian blinds in a combination of fourteen important blind colours-- this is virtually double the variety available from other important blind vendors. The colour range is made to match individuals' lives by blending in with the contemporary modern designs and also…


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A Look at Common French Outdoor patio Doors

If you want traditional style and also charm in your modern house, purchase French patio doors, a regular layout is large, double wooden doors with big home windows. French architecture-inspired, this door generally opens out to decks or yards.

Newer design and styles are readily available from on the internet sellers that you could have a selection of sliding, bifold or swing French…


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Bookcases - A House for Your Books

If you are a book fan, then you are bound to have a great deal of books in your home, which you have purchased as well as reviewed. However, to keep these books safe and sound is a difficult task. The most effective remedy for this is to have a  double sided bookcase in UK or shelf in your research study room, living area or room, where ever before you wish to…


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Dermexcel- Medical-grade Skincare made in SA!

It's always very exciting to find and be able to write about brilliant products that are locally produced- one such brand is DermExcel, still relatively unknown, but bound to make a grand entrance once word gets around to skincare junkies like me!



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Donkey Milk E-Shop for Your Spotless Beauty

Troubled by skin problems for a long time?

Skin issues tend to be of different types. You will find many sorts of cleaners, moisturisers, ointments or creams which promise to control your beauty needs, but these are generally not completely natural. At times, using these products frequently…


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The Veil of superiority

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Like a…


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Alfa's stealthy Stelvio



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Opa! There's a new Greek in town!

You simply have to head on over to Alice Lane and grab a table at Nikos Coalgrill Greek- a gorgeous, contemporary restaurant that offers traditional homestyle Greek cuisine, coalgrilled and absolutely fabulous! With a view of the sexy Sandton skyline, you can sip a beer…


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Popularity of the Rundholz Clothing Line

Husband and wife fashion designer duo Carsten and LenkaRundholz had established the Rundholz fashion design company. The company was started, and the first collection was launched by them when they were at a very young age. The clothes of the fashion brand are known for their distinctive style. The creative genius…


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Prime Time! Time Flash Express Smoothing Primer- Filorga

I love my skincare ritual, it’s my “me” time, but I have to admit that primer is a step I usually skip out, as once I have moisturized my skin, my makeup is very quick and easy (less is more!) and I’m usually out the door in about 5 minutes. I’m also fortunate that I don’t have many skin issues, such as…


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Cleverly keeping up with the Jones, the revised Qashqai


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A little Golf – the new bigger POLO

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Of Bubbles & Bruts

The excitement mounts as the date for The Bubbly Festival draws near and Jozi’s Cap Classique lovers prepare their taste buds for a scintillating feast of champers and good food- while listening to live music at The Park, House of Events on 7. The event will be…


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It's a Hat Trick! Neostrata's Tri- Therapy Lifting Serum

Ok, so you know that  I rave about this brand, because quite simply, science is behind it. Their founders, Dr. Eugene van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, pioneered the discovery of active ingredients that have advanced the science of dermatology. Only when results are proven through rigorous studies, do they launch a new product, like this particular serum.…


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Caring for Your Kitchen: 5 Killer Maintenance Tips for Your Kitchen Appliances

The secret of a highly functional kitchen lies in the quality of the appliances. Since most kitchen appliances come at costly prices, they are lifetime assets which require proper maintenance and care. Essentially, kitchen appliances should be periodically cleaned, as, without proper care, the shelf…


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Autumn Saviours

The change of season always plays havoc with various things- as the leaves fall abundantly everywhere, so your hair seems to want to mimic this plan of nature and you find that copious amounts of hair are alarmingly leaving your head. I usually try to put a stop to this arrangement by jumping in with immediate preventative measures- and these are old favourites- I bought these products myself, they are not sponsored at all.*…


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50 ways to say I love you


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QMS - What you should know about Pigmentation


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Celltone - 6 Surprising Reasons Your Skin Keep Breaking Out

It’s not just your hormones that might be causing your acne.

Although genetics, clogged pores and overproduction of sebum are all factors that play a role in creating breakouts, there are a few other triggers you might not be aware of.

1. Your hair products are…


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Live O-Shot procedure

The first ever live O-Shot procedure on Instagram live was performed by Dr Nicole Kanaris. This was done to demonstrate that this is a non-surgical procedure with no downtime. It is quick and effective with a very low risk to the patients. Natural substance are…


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