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Martin Luther King Jr

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr, wrote a speech that changed the world forever, he inspired a nation then and 48 years later his words still echo a truth that can not be ignored. I have changed just a few words to make it about all of us. He was a man that stood for love and justice for all.  

This is why I am sure he would not mind my editing one of his most famous…


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Scribbles In My Moleskine


"Dont take life so seriously,

Have fun, be kind

Enjoy the scenery



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I read the saying somewhere, “Find what you love doing and do more of it”, my mind immediately jumped to freezos.

I have one everyday, the enjoyment that it gives me is up there with a plane ticket in my hand or a head massage at the hairdresser-okay maybe a plane ticket trumps all others because it usually means a start of another adventure. Let me replace that with a great song on the radio allowing me to sing my debut. The next thought I had was - too…


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Sneaker Pimp

Attention all sneaker folks, I am not sure if you have noticed the coolest sneakers in town!  It feels like we have been transported back to a time when “cool “ did not even know what cool was. There are walking sneakers, fashion sneakers then there is the chosen sneaker, a sneaker that has an air about it, it’s not the loudest, nor the richest, does not try to be the coolest, because…


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Leonardo and the Hot Chocolate

When I was in London a couple of years ago I wanted a hot chocolate fix from 'caffe NERO', so I started walking - those of you who know me, know that I can walk for hours in the streets mesmerised by my surroundings. I passed many different coffee franchises on the way that also offered great hot chocolates, which made me laugh at my stubbornness to find the perfect one. Finally a couple of hours later a smile came across my face and like Indiana Jones when he finds his treasure, I too had…


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A Sage Beside Me

I often look back at all the great people that once were. Their wisdom inspiring those who took the time to listen. They come from all walks of life: a politician; a nurse; a carpenter's son; an artist; a poet; and an uneducated daughter...these are just some that have been documented and only a fraction of what I stumbled upon.

Since the beginning of time there have been great…


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Tips on Jean Savvy

How you know your jeans are perfect:

A: When you can button them with ease.

B: When you sit and there is no plumber in site...(see p.s. below)

C: After a meal they remain zipped and breathing is as it was before the burger.

D: When the low crotch new style jean still allows you to climb and…


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Imagine Maslow's Suprise

Maslow's Pyramid is a pretty accurate diagram of self discovery.  For me the only thing that’s missing is the importance of music.  He forgot to mention it in “Safety”, when a mother sings a lullaby to comfort a child. In “Love and Belonging” when a lover dedicates a song to express what he cannot. In “Esteem” when a song brings a smile to your day, and of course, in “Self Actualization” when the whole world vibrates in perfect harmony.…


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Po's Poem

“ So I speak to who will listen,

Who will hear what I have to say,

Without judging me, for what I do

Or with whom, I stand today


In my life I’ve learned some lessons

And some went over my head,

All I’m saying is I’m still standing

And that means that I’m okay


I will not point a finger against you

Can you promise me the same?

I do not wish harm to come to you

For like me you too have…


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