“ So I speak to who will listen,

Who will hear what I have to say,

Without judging me, for what I do

Or with whom, I stand today


In my life I’ve learned some lessons

And some went over my head,

All I’m saying is I’m still standing

And that means that I’m okay


I will not point a finger against you

Can you promise me the same?

I do not wish harm to come to you

For like me you too have pain


We must live life, for we have it,

And to waste it must be sin,

Let us not wait for things to happen

Let us inspire our everything


Live, I say, it’s not tomorrow

Feel the passion in your blood,

I want to enjoy every single moment

because I choose this type of life."   



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Comment by Nicolas Cocolas on May 4, 2011 at 11:56
Brilliant .

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