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Dermexcel- Medical-grade Skincare made in SA!

It's always very exciting to find and be able to write about brilliant products that are locally produced- one such brand is DermExcel, still relatively unknown, but bound to make a grand entrance once word gets around to skincare junkies like me!



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Prime Time! Time Flash Express Smoothing Primer- Filorga

I love my skincare ritual, it’s my “me” time, but I have to admit that primer is a step I usually skip out, as once I have moisturized my skin, my makeup is very quick and easy (less is more!) and I’m usually out the door in about 5 minutes. I’m also fortunate that I don’t have many skin issues, such as…


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Opa! There's a new Greek in town!

You simply have to head on over to Alice Lane and grab a table at Nikos Coalgrill Greek- a gorgeous, contemporary restaurant that offers traditional homestyle Greek cuisine, coalgrilled and absolutely fabulous! With a view of the sexy Sandton skyline, you can sip a beer…


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It's a Hat Trick! Neostrata's Tri- Therapy Lifting Serum

Ok, so you know that  I rave about this brand, because quite simply, science is behind it. Their founders, Dr. Eugene van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, pioneered the discovery of active ingredients that have advanced the science of dermatology. Only when results are proven through rigorous studies, do they launch a new product, like this particular serum.…


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Of Bubbles & Bruts

The excitement mounts as the date for The Bubbly Festival draws near and Jozi’s Cap Classique lovers prepare their taste buds for a scintillating feast of champers and good food- while listening to live music at The Park, House of Events on 7. The event will be…


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Autumn Saviours

The change of season always plays havoc with various things- as the leaves fall abundantly everywhere, so your hair seems to want to mimic this plan of nature and you find that copious amounts of hair are alarmingly leaving your head. I usually try to put a stop to this arrangement by jumping in with immediate preventative measures- and these are old favourites- I bought these products myself, they are not sponsored at all.*…


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A Sultry Start to the Ballet Season- CARMEN

There is more than a modicum of excitement in the dance community at the moment, as for the first time in many years, Joburg Ballet will perform to live orchestral accompaniment, courtesy of the Johannesburg Philharmonic…


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Firming up with Filorga

Premium skincare brand Filorga have recently launched their new range- Lift-structure- which is predominantly for tightening, firming and redensifying the skin. So if you’ve experienced loss of volume due to the gradual lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin, listen up…

What the Filorga labs have done is formulated Plasmatic Lifting Factors® (PLF)- a cocktail combining three types of active ingredients used in aesthetic injections: Cellular Factors,…


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Exuviance- Transforming Skin with Vitamin C

As we get to the end of summer, perhaps you’ve been a tad careless in terms of applying your sunscreen regularly and you might see a few signs of UV ray exposure, like dark spots or pigmentation. I always love to share the newest skincare products which address these problems and one of the most…


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The Wiz leads the Way for The NSA Festival of the Arts

The NSA Festival of the Arts takes to the stages of the Joburg Theatre and the National School of the Arts from Tuesday 6th - Sunday 11th March 2018. …


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Micro-Peeling at its best- Filorga

I have been loving the effect of Filorga's newest addition to the innovative French skincare range- the Oxygen-Peel Reoxygenating Micro-peeling Lotion- mild enough to use daily, packing a powerful punch of

amazing ingredients that give really excellent results.



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Micro –Needling- The Next Step!


Everyone who invests in their skincare should have heard about the benefits of micro-needling- in short, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines; it improves scars, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and stimulates collagen production. The procedure involves using fine needles to create tiny…


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The Color Purple comes to Joburg Theatre

Although The Color Purple  is set in a different timeframe, it is so totally relevant in the lives of many South Africans in 2018 and it must be said, this is a coup for Joburg Theatre and its wonderful Nelson Mandela stage. (4 Feb- 4 March)

It took four years to…


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Clico Restaurant- A Matter of Course

If you love refined dining there’s no question that you will love Clico Boutique Hotel’s gorgeous new Summer Menu devised by creative Chef Marnus Scholly.…


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Cancer- A Love Story- Book Review

I love reading- I literally devour books and almost have a panic attack when I’m nearing the end of the current one I’m reading and haven’t got a back-up. This particular book, written by local author Lauren Segal, was not one I was keen on. I hesitated because of the subject matter- I was afraid of being…


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Philippa Yorke-Smith and Design Phenomenon- Empowering Individuals

To win one of these gorgeous necklaces, enter the competition below

Philippa Yorke-Smith got the idea for “Design Phenomenon” four years ago when…


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Abs-oil-utely Fabulous! Filorga’s new Oil-Absolute

 I have to state upfront that I am a lover of facial oils- living on the Highveld, with its dry winters and intense heat in summer, I can really attest to having dry and dehydrated skin, which if not pampered, can be very ageing – and let’s face it, we want to be able to…


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Touching Base on Foundations

There is such an overwhelming selection of foundations on the beauty market- it’s always difficult to choose, but there are a few simple guidelines that should narrow it down for you and if you follow them, perhaps you’ll find your holy grail- the perfect one!

The first thing to consider is your…


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Telling a Tall Story: Pinnochio, The Pantomime Adventure

There’s always a kind of indescribable feeling in the air in Joburg once the jacarandas start blooming- a shiver of anticipation as the year winds to its close and the festive season is just around the corner. To theatre lovers it can only mean one thing- it’s PANTO time!…


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Joburg Ballet presents Snow White

The world première of Snow White – The Ballet takes centre stage at Joburg Theatre on Friday 13 October. The opening night will be followed by a run of nine further performances through to Sunday 22…


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