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New products to try over the holidays

 The year is winding down and we are all feeling frazzled and using up the last bit of energy to get to the year's end- what better time to give your skin a much needed boost and get you looking your best for the celebrations to come.

Filorga French skincare range has recently launched a GLOBAL-REPAIR INTENSIVE ANTI-AGEING SKINCARE…


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New makeup from Clarins

Clarins have launched some lovely goodies for the festive season and it's really worth going to your nearest Clarins counter to have a look- they would make great stocking fillers or if you are in need of some gorgeous new makeup- spoil yourself with some of these beauties:

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid

This is a new launch – a really…


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BeanBagtheBrand- Bringing back the "speedo"

Who would have thought that the much-maligned speedo would make its way back to our beaches and worn with pride by many macho dudes? it took two risk-taking, young entrepreneurs to challenge guys to wear their briefs with pride- the incentive? Send your pics in and you could win a case of beers!

Not taking themselves too seriously, the owners of…


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Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes

 There is a bewildering array of eye creams on the market, as the skin around the eyes usually gives away a person's age- or whether they smile a lot! There is no getting away from it, ageing is a process that will happen to everyone, it's inevitable, but there are certainly some products that go a long way to help with softening and plumping the…


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Embracing ageing at a snail’s pace: The Facts about Growth Factors- Endocare Concentrate Serums

Winter is actually the best time to do a peel, microneedling or any collagen inducing treatment of your choice- mainly because there is less chance of being exposed to too much sun, (which would cause immediate pigmentation)  but also because it’s a good idea to kick start your cell regeneration process and emerge into spring with…


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Neo-Classical Ballets in July- Joburg Theatre


 Ana Paulino, Claudia Monja, Monike Cristina in Wakanda- Photo Lauge Sorensen

Joburg Ballet will be presenting four new neo-classical ballets at Joburg Theatre from 5 to 14 July. It's wonderful to see our Ballet Company  offering new works other than the beloved classics- it shows their range and diversity.…


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Glowing with Filorga- the Oxygen-Glow Skincare range

The trend for glowing, dewy skin is definitely on the rise and Filorga is a skincare brand that really is the gift that keeps on giving- their new, more affordable range is all about radiance and achieving super flawless skin.

Although I am a bit past the age date for these products (aimed for 25-45 yr old skin) I still loved using the range…


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Men in Tutus- on stage at The Teatro, Montecasino

Seriously, life is stressful at the moment with load shedding, power outages and bad traffic jams, so we  really need a lighter side to life- and I'm suggesting you head off to the theatre next month to enjoy Les Ballets Eloelle (say that out loud for your first laugh). Hot from new York, these boys are led by founder, Artistic Director and lead dancer Victor…


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Filorga Time-Filler Night:enhancing your Beauty Sleep


One of the most effective ways to enhance beautiful skin is a good night's sleep- restoration and repair happen at night, but what if you were to boost this night time action with active ingredients designed specifically to penetrate deeply and to treat sleep lines and puffy features? The result is smooth, firm, plumped out skin.

Filorga has…


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Staying Sun safe throughout 2019

So everyone seems to be back after the holidays and beach things are packed away- but keep your sun products out…


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Harnessing Healing with Buddha Teas

I was starting to feel quite rattled last week with the flurry of end of year functions and endless to-do lists when I received two beautifully packaged Buddha teas to try- the first, a Chakra tea and the second a CBD tea (the natural constituent of the cannabis plant).

These Buddha teas are now available here and they offer a selection of teas…


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Masking to Reveal Radiant Skin- Filorga

Sleep is such an essential part of health and well-being- there is no doubt about it. Getting your "beauty sleep" is not a myth- whenever you have a really good 7-8 hour sleep, your skin usually looks its best, as sleep is necessary for cellular regeneration and restoration. When you don't get enough, you often don't look too good.

Thankfully, I sleep…


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Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month is over, perhaps we should reflect on how the disease impacts South African men and women every single day- 1 in 27 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, while male breast cancer accounts for 1% of all breast cancer cases – so it is applicable to me and you. 

Roche is taking steps to fight the…


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Younger- or Healthier?

Since medieval times, the quest for the Holy Grail – the vessel that held miraculous powers providing happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance- inspired many stories in literature. Today, the quest for youth, anti-ageing and keeping young is just as great, but like the Holy Grail, it is unattainable, realistically. Perhaps, if we…


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Products for a Smooth Summer- Filorga French Skincare

The truth is out- you really can't change the size of your pores overnight- but there is one thing you can do, and that's to change their appearance. And Filorga have come up with a product that literally does that- just in time for summer! As part of its new Flash makeup range, the French skincare company have come up with a second  makeup primer that…


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One Cart- the Smart way to shop!

When time is of the essence and you need to do groceries, pick up the dog food, get your preferred multivitamins from the pharmacy and face the dreaded queues before rushing back to work, perhaps you need a Plan B: a one-stop shopping experience, selecting goods from different stores, your supplies collected in one cart and promptly delivered to your door.…


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It's Panto time again! Janice Honeyman's Snow White

 Jozi's most loved end of year event has begun and it's bigger and better than ever! Joburg Theatre and Bernard Jay bring you Janice Honeyman’s Snow White, The Fairest Panto in All The Land,  until December 23rd-    


Ben Voss as the Evil Queen and Kiruna-Lind Devar as Snow White- photo by Enroc…


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Joburg Ballet- The Nutcracker

Joburg Ballet is leading the way into the festive season with a brand new production of The Nutcracker- a joyous, favourite and well-loved ballet, from 5 to 14 October at Joburg Theatre. Tchaikovsky’s enchanting music will be played live by the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, so this is a treat for all dance lovers- not to be missed!…


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Exuviance Facial- Spring into Summer!

I know that many people who are into skincare prefer to save their cash for a good product range, or budget wisely for the more active treatments that give them real results, for example a chemical peel, a mesotherapy or a microdermabrasion . But even if there is gratification with these valuable procedures that have you investing in your skin, I was thinking that perhaps the…


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Making Heliocare-while the Sun shines!

Let’s face it, our beautiful weather comes with many advantages- lunches al fresco, pool parties and loving the outdoors in any which way. However, the disadvantage is the awful lot of UVA/UVB rays to which we are exposed- rays that cause untold damage to our skins in the form of pigmentation, photoageing and ultimately skin cancer. And when your moisturizer…


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