It had to happen- at last, an anti-ageing, multi-correctional foundation with powerful, active ingredients that will help to boost skin quality while providing a beautiful coverage.

I have been testing the new Flash- Nude Fluid (in Nude Beige) for just over a week, in different ways, with different sunscreens/primers under it and I love it. Many well-known brands have gone the lightweight route, so if you are into a more full-coverage foundation, this is not for you. However, it is buildable, so if you prefer a more intense coverage, you can apply a thicker layer and achieve a lovely result- even, radiant skin.

Flash- Nude Fluid is best when applied with the fingers- as the name suggests, it has a liquid texture- (a sponge would soak the product up)- the warmth of your fingers gives a very natural, smooth effect.

As for the anti-ageing ingredients, Flash Nude Fluid packs a punch:

Filorga’s patented NCEF polyrevitalising formula contains 50 active ingredients to ensure nourishment and stimulation of cell growth- improving texture.

Hexylresorcinol, a botanical active ingredient with antioxidant and brightening properties, inhibits melanin synthesis and reduces pigmentation spots by as much as 60% after 8 weeks of daily application.

An SPF30 filter provides powerful UVA and UVB protection whilst Niacinaminde protects against urban pollution and fine particles by increasing the lifespan of exposed cells and strengthening the skin barrier. I would advise that you still put a layer of sunscreen on before application- Filorga UV Bronze SPF 50+ plays very nicely with Flash- Nude as well as Heliocare Advanced Gel 50 SPF.

Flash-Nude Fluid is a liquid, breathable, brightening foundation. It is non-comedogenic and is currently available in two-shades: Nude Beige and Nude Gold.

For those with an oily t-zone, fear not, as Filorga have provided a Powder: Flash-Nude Pro-Perfection Powder which provides an instant, flawless, bare-skin effect. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which counteracts the usual cakey effect of powder. This I did not try, but I thought I’d mention its availability.

Both Flash-Nude Fluid and Flash Nude Powder will be available from selected Edgars and Red Square stores from October 2018.

Price:     Flash Nude Fluid – R 520.00 for 30ml

               Flash Nude Powder – R 520.00


For a full list of stockists visit contact (012) 548-0725.





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