So everyone seems to be back after the holidays and beach things are packed away- but keep your sun products out on your bathroom counter and make it a daily habit to apply sunscreen as it should be your favourite beauty product! Heliocare is my preferred brand, along with some other very good ones, and now that selected Sorbet stores are stocking it, it's easily available  and comes in so many different formulations (oil-free, creams, gels, etc.)

A lovely product I've been trying over the last few weeks is the new Heliocare 360º Cushion Compact SPF 50+ (RRP R520). The cushion compacts were quite a trend last year with several brands launching foundations in this innovative format, so I was keen to try this one, as it would be a one product wonder- coverage and sunscreen done in a jiffy. It's a full-spectrum, photoprotective, physical makeup sunscreen  which is easy to apply and blends into the skin to protect against UVB, UVA, Visible Light (including HEVL) and Infrared radiation. It also covers imperfections and post-procedure redness, leaving the skin with an even, natural, matte finish.

Key ingredients include Fernblock® FC, a potent antioxidant from a tropical fern native to Central America which is rich in ferulic and caffeic acids. It's oil-free, Non-comedogenic, water resistant and does not  contain alcohol, parabens, or octocrylene.

All good things! It only comes in 3 colours: Bronze, Beige & Pearl- I chose the bronze, as I wanted a bit of a tanned look seeing I was going to have a few beach days. I did try it on its own, but later switched to using it for touch ups during the day, as I wanted it to last for the holiday. In fact, I will stick to that method in future, as it's quite pricey and really ideal to carry in your handbag and touch up as you go along. The texture is light and skin looks even. Most importantly, it's protected. This product ticks all the boxes and is well worth the spend.

Also available online at Skinmiles and Dermastore

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