The Hydra Facial- a Thirst Quencher for your skin

Sometimes having a facial just before an important event or even before the weekend is not such a good idea- especially if it involves an exfoliation or extractions, which can leave your skin looking a bit blotchy and uneven. But I have recently tried a beautiful treatment at Skin Renewal- the Hydra facial, which left my skin looking so radiant and plump- so much so that I was able to go shopping straight afterwards with glowing skin, absent of any makeup.


Skin treatments like microneedling and microdermabrasion, while doing wonders for your skin, have taken the place of the relaxing facial that used to be a treat- time to yourself to indulge in bliss for an hour or so. Well, I’m convinced that this particular treatment gives you all that and more- as cutting-edge technology is used in combination with the luxury of massage and wonderful relaxation.


Perfect for any skin type, the Hydra Touch facial includes a hydra-dermabrasion, a gentle peel with either an AHA or BHA, transdermal mesotherapy and skin tightening using a hydrating serum, and lastly, a gorgeous hydrating mask – there is absolutely no downtime. The treatment addresses many different concerns, for example fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, mild sagging, dehydration, age spots, enlarged and blocked pores as well as breakouts.


The Renewal Institute offers two versions of this quenching treatment, which include, The Hydra Touch Facial and the Premium Hydra Touch Facial. I had the former.

The Premium version offers the same as the original treatment but uses both AHA and BHA, adds another layer of hydration via a moisture infusion and replaces the hydrating mask with an alginate mask. 


The process:

 Carmen, my lovely therapist, started with cleansing my face and then gently exfoliated: Hydro-dermabrasion is very mild, yet very effective; water jets are used to eliminate dead, dry skin cells that usually clog pores and leave the skin looking dull. The result is smoother, more radiant-looking skin. 


Transdermal mesotherapy involves the use of an innovative electroporation device, which uses electrical pulses- not at all painful, actually quite relaxing, which deliver a hydrating serum into the deeper layers of your skin via its water channels. 

After this a hydrating, heavenly mask was applied and I was treated to a sumptuous massage for the décolleté and neck area.


The Result:

This was an enjoyable treatment which benefitted my skin as it looked positively radiant, smooth and firm. I love the fact that it’s quite a multi-tasking treatment, as well as the instant gratification I felt because my skin looked really good. Most importantly, I felt pampered.

A series of four to six treatments are recommended, but I'm thinking that this could become a firm favourite on a regular basis.


To find out more about the Hydra Touch Facial, visit Skin Renewal on or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).



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