August 2017 Blog Posts (20)

Celebrate SA Design in your Home – The Exclusive Gavin Rajah Collection


In a first of its kind collaboration, celebrated South African designer Gavin Rajah has joined @home to launch a limited edition homeware collection of handcrafted linen and scented candles.

Gavin Rajah is best known for his exquisite couture creations. Keeping to the same…


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The Taste of Arbour in the Convenience of Your Home

Arriving at every coffee and brunch-loving, Illovo-based health nut’s favourite spot – Arbour Café – I walk in to the usual aroma of crepe (not pancake) batter, buttered toast and carrot cake. Sitting in her…


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Europa Art - The Gentlemen's Shoe

Fashion for the modern man means much more than it used to. Today, your choice of attire is a form of self-expression. The perfect pair of pleated pants means business whereas the sleek sneaker adorns the stylish yet more casual gentleman. Footwear has become an increasingly meaningful accessory to the fashion industry. Bright and graphic prints have taken the runways by…


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Urban Decay Turns CT Purple with Envy

Urban Decay turned CT Purple, literally!  The launch of their new store in CT, on the 19th of August, saw parts of Table Mountain lit-up in different shades of purple.... with every different-kind of celebrity attending in every-kind of shady outfit...This was the night you needed to be in CT to experience it in every-kind of glory you could…


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King Kong- Legend of a Boxer

This is exciting news- the iconic South African hit musical is coming to Joburg- after over half a century since the original production! Eric Abraham and the Fugard Theatre producers of the critically acclaimed West Side Story and The Rocky Horror Show will present a new production of King Kong at Joburg…


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Folli Follie - Enhancing the Most Casual Outfits

An international lifestyle and fashion powerhouse, Folli Follie is the brand who prides themselves on their world-class designs of jewellery, watches and fashion accessories that uplift the style of women worldwide.

Enhancing the feel-good factor behind shopping, Folli Follie unveils the sensational side of every woman. Through its unique…


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NEW Products in the La Roche-Posay Lipikar range

LIPIKAR BAUME AP + Lipid-Replenishing balm

Now available in a 400ml pump dispenser. Soothes immediately and spaces out the flare-ups of severe dryness. Best suited for very dry,…


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Audi's all-new Q5 - is it the best car in its class?


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Those who know me know how I love exercising, specifically weight training. I've spent 20 years working out and love what this time spent has done for my mind, body and soul. 


Gym rats, like other fundi's of modern day culture, have created their own terms that…


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Some Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Wood Burning Stove

Using wood as a heating fuel has existed from ancient times. With the advent of modern wood heating appliances, wood burning stoves have emerged as a popular choice among many home owners. There are a variety of reasons why people choose wood burning stoves over other variants. It is perceived to be a low cost, alternative energy source which is quite economical.

Wood burning stoves add a certain aesthetic look and feel to your…


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The concept of value is grand

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Kurt Vonnegut says, "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things." 


I think he has a point. A point that's more easily identified during challenging economic times - times when less…


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Elegantly Centered

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You know those families, the ones with strong genes - where everyone looks related? They have…


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INOAR Ghair Botox Treatment

INOAR’s new and IMPROVED botox treatment will give you INSTANT results!  The new formula is developed with Wheat Germ Oil consisting of Fatty Acids, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Hydrolyzed Keratin and Grape Extract, that makes this formula rich in Vitamin A, C and E which protects your hair from harmful agents and contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, ensuring beautiful,…


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Team Dr Joseph: Facial Masks for Natural Balance

The first step towards resilient and vital skin is learning its demands.

Nature doesn’t have any absolute definitions or strict categorizations. As soon as you know how to take proper care of your skin, you can…


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Key Colour Trends for the Coming Season: Spring Summer 2017

Inspired by a clean, natural palette, highlighted with soft shades of blush and a few strokes of blue, these are the colours to watch out for the coming summer season.

At First…


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Five Steps to Choosing a Suitable Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

A refrigerator is an indispensable part of a modern day kitchen. With the rapid advancement in technology, the basic science of cooling is getting more upgraded and efficient. Nowadays you would find plenty of different models with various refrigeration techniques available in the market. For example, in cities like Houston, Sub-Zero refrigerators are available in the market. These refrigerators are specially made of vacuum steel, and…


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Skincare: The Milky Way with Dermaceutic

I’ve been hearing a few girlfriends moan about dry, dull winter skin, notwithstanding their scrupulous skincare routines, using really good products. This is usually because the surface of the skin has thickened and even though you might be using products with active ingredients, they cannot penetrate the skin efficiently. Time to shake things up!



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The brisket between the rye

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Perceptions - weird things they are. For blood or money, I've tried to convince my…


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Know Libra’s Best Astrological Compatibility Options Before Marriage

Astrology is a branch of science, which deals with studying the planets and measuring their impact on our daily lives. In this regard, many people believe that the best compatibility option with their life partners is also a part of this field. In this regard one of the best astrologer in Kolkata, Shri Indraraj Priyam has made some top astrological suggestions about peoples having Libra as their Zodiac signs. (Information Credit -…


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High-Tea at 54 on Bath – A Royal Experience

From the moment you walk into the renowned luxury boutique hotel, 54 on Bath, situated in the heart of Rosebank, you are greeted by a refined atmosphere of sheer opulence.

With the tone set, your worries are left at the front door and with a sigh of relief, you’re able to escape Jozi’s hustle and bustle, inhale calming scents of the finest this life…


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When less is more, the nifty crossover from Hyundai

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Don't you just love choice? I do. And, I also appreciate the concept of creating unique and differentiated products…


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