Five Steps to Choosing a Suitable Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

A refrigerator is an indispensable part of a modern day kitchen. With the rapid advancement in technology, the basic science of cooling is getting more upgraded and efficient. Nowadays you would find plenty of different models with various refrigeration techniques available in the market. For example, in cities like Houston, Sub-Zero refrigerators are available in the market. These refrigerators are specially made of vacuum steel, and they usually have two compressors. You would also find technological aids in the form of digital interface, nanotechnology shelving, air scrubber, etc. in modern refrigerators.

Because of this wide range of available models, choosing a suitable refrigerator for your kitchen might feel like a tough task. In this article, we would discuss a few steps that you can follow to select a refrigerator for your kitchen –

1. Choose the size: You need to choose the size of your refrigerator after determining how much storage space you’re going to need. Usually, the storage space of a fridge is calculated in cubic feet. You would find a range starting from 18 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet in the market. Height and width are the other two major dimensions to consider. An average refrigerator is 30-36 inches wide and approximately 70 inches high.

2. Choose a certain style: Regarding style, refrigerators can be classified into four distinct categories –

  • Top mount refrigerators: This is the most common refrigerator model where the freezer is placed on top and the fridge at the bottom of the refrigeration system. This style is also fairly inexpensive.
  • Side by side refrigerators: In this particular style, the fridge and the freezer are placed side by side. It is also a modern style and slightly more expensive than the top mount refrigerators.
  • Bottom mount refrigerators: This style is exactly the opposite of the top mount style, i.e., the freezer is placed right at the bottom and below the fridge. This layout is gaining popularity day by day because of its drawer like structure.
  • French door refrigerators: This style is similar to the bottom mount style with only one exception. The door in French door refrigerators is opened from the middle.

Besides choosing from these styles, you also need to choose a suitable color for your refrigerator.

3. Choosing features: Modern day refrigerators come with tons of features like ice makers, moisture control, adjustable shelving, etc. Choose the features of your fridge judiciously.

4. Choosing brands: While choosing brands, you must consider its reputation, warranty periods, durability of products, and above all, the range of price. After considering these parameters, you must choose your brand.

5. Going green: Older models of refrigerators used to emit harmful CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) compounds. Nowadays, refrigerators having energy star marks are considered as eco-friendly refrigerators. These refrigerators also consume 40% less electricity and save a lot of unnecessary expenditure.

By following these five steps, choosing a suitable refrigerator for your kitchen should be easy as it comes.

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