Skincare: The Milky Way with Dermaceutic

I’ve been hearing a few girlfriends moan about dry, dull winter skin, notwithstanding their scrupulous skincare routines, using really good products. This is usually because the surface of the skin has thickened and even though you might be using products with active ingredients, they cannot penetrate the skin efficiently. Time to shake things up!

Now there are fabulous combination peels like the Pixel Peel offered at Pure Aesthetics, which is a combination of Dermapen micro-needling and a medium depth TCA Peel- this has an enormous impact on the skin as it not only works on the surface to give skin a smoother texture, but it also works in the underlying structure, redensifying and stimulating collagen production. If you have the luxury of going into hibernation (there is a bit of down time) then go forth! 

However, for those of us who can’t take time off but still want a refreshed and radiant skin, there is an alternative treatment on offer- the Dermaceutic Milk Peel- (which literally takes a few minutes so it can be done in your lunch break)- and gives you long lasting benefits. I went in last week to experience this treatment, thinking that if a milk bath was good enough for Cleopatra’s skin, then it could do wonders for me…

Ingrid Katz, a CIDESCO qualified therapist at Pure Aesthetics with several years experience in the skin care industry, explains that the Milk Peel is designed for all types of skin and its function is to restore the skin back to its balanced state, whether you’re oily, sensitive or dry- so it’s not just a superficial peel.

The ingredients consist of a combination of my favourite acids- glycolic, salicylic and lactic- and each has a different function:

  • Glycolic acid:  Stimulates cell turnover

                              Improvement in hydration and the ability to retain moisture

                              Improvement in barrier function, protecting the skin

                              Refinement in texture

  • Salicylic acid:  Anti-inflammatory

                              Dissolves excess oil

  • Lactic acid:     Provides hydration.


After cleansing my skin with Foamer 15 (great 3-in-one cleanser, gently exfoliates, no toner needed, restores PH balance!), Ingrid applied the milk gel, leaving it on for about 2 minutes- the feeling is quite prickly and intense, Ingrid’s little portable fan settled things down pretty quickly.

After that, the peel is neutralized with water and two soothing recovery creams are applied- chock-a-block with peptides and hyaluronic acid to re-balance the skin: Regen Ceutic and K Ceutic (with SPF50). I continued using these 2 products for the next 3 days. My skin felt a bit tight and was still peeling -(nothing noticeable) still getting rid of unwanted, dead surface cells and improving its metabolic processes. A week later- I have a glowy, radiant complexion. I’m only using a tinted moisturizer and my sunscreen- I really don’t need much coverage. Cleo was smart...

This treatment can be done once a month, but if your skin really needs a boost, Ingrid recommends having 3 peels over 6 weeks. I love the result, in addition to the fact that this is really waking my skin up for spring!

Before and after pics, courtesy of Pure Aesthetics:


Image of milk bath:

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