High-Tea at 54 on Bath – A Royal Experience

From the moment you walk into the renowned luxury boutique hotel, 54 on Bath, situated in the heart of Rosebank, you are greeted by a refined atmosphere of sheer opulence.

With the tone set, your worries are left at the front door and with a sigh of relief, you’re able to escape Jozi’s hustle and bustle, inhale calming scents of the finest this life has to offer and allow your senses to take you on a journey that will rejuvenate your soul.

54 on Bath caters to a discerning palette with a distinctive culinary experience, at your fingertips.  Be it an exquisite fine-dining dinner or a scrumptious high-tea you’re after, Level Four Restaurant will provide you and your loved ones with a memorable, pleasure trip.    

Our visit to the hotel was for a very special occasion, a celebration of 44 years of marriage, my parents Wedding Anniversary.  I wanted them to absorb the pride I have in them and couldn’t think of a more be-fitting environment, in Johannesburg, than the offerings of this boutique hotel.

My father is a Scotsman whom has an intense love-affair with tea, like clock-work, at specific times of the day; he gratifies this love, with a freshly brewed cuppa. So it was without hesitation that we explored Level Four’s proposition of an afternoon of a Royal High-Tea.

On the sunny, outdoor terrace, lavished with a well-manicured garden, adorned with a croquet set and an infinity pool, we were served a choice of an array of the highest-grade teas in the world.  A well-trained steward, talked us through the notes, flavours and brewing ways of our favourite teas, whilst another served us with 3-tier cake-stands, filled with pretty, bite-sized delicacies. I hear you say, don’t opt for this if you’re hungry, but quite the contrary is true. The executive Chef, Matthew Foxon and his team will ensure you get more than you bargained for.  As one tier is consumed, another is toped-up with a variety of delicacies to indulge in but of course, for the ladies, the most divine sweet treats were extremely satisfying.

After our discretions, we relocated to the sophisticated Veuve Clicquot Signature Champagne bar that offers a choice of the most distinct champagne, cocktails and wines. Overlooking the terrace garden, the champagne bar was the perfect spot for evening sundowners and the ultimate way to bring this very special day to a close.

54 on Bath is a series of transcendent realms.

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