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HTK-End Of Winter Sale

Get your absolute favourite designer brands such as Primo Emporio, Di Biasi, V-King and Guy Laroche from HTK at up to 50% off.  With the end of winter in sight, we’re celebrating the horizon of summer with incredible discounts so come in store to get the last of your winter on, you won’t walk away empty handed.


Shop L41 & 42, Nelson Mandela Square, 5th…


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Hair Trends with Tamara Dey

You will know Tamara Dey as the lead singer from Flash Republic or her more recent venture, Death By Misadventure, or DbyM which is a two piece electro band made up of herself and her boyfriend, Isaac Klawansky (he is a member of local band, Shadowclub). On the social scene, Tamara is known for her adventurous tresses and trendy fashion sense. Neofundi caught up…


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Armani Prive / Haute Couture Fragrances

"At its origin… a private collection created by me for my close friends".

From Haute Couture to fragrance…In 2004 Giorgio Armani translated the spirit of his haute couture collections to create Armani / Privé fragrances. He worked each fragrance with an accomplished art; like the inside of a haute…


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Trade Up or Settle Down...

We see it all the time. We have friends who’ve done it, hell, I’ve done it.

We’ve all ‘settled’.

Like rollerblading tipsy without kneepads, it all seemed like a good idea at the time, until someone got hurt.


Oh I understand the deep need for a spooning partner, a good bout of tonsil-hockey and someone to share a chocolate fondant with. (Share! Fondant! HA!) I am not insensitive to these primal urges. But that’s what gay husbands,…


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Free Dossier just for Neofundi fans

For the fans, pick up your free copy of Dossier at Metropolitain Cosmetics in Parkhurst or Hyde Park.

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Volvo @ Decorex Joburg

What would you do if you got to test drive a luxury brand car, specifically a Volvo?  Would you find inspiration in the design and interpret it into a room of abundance?  Well, four of Gauteng’s leading interior designers did just that.  They were given a car to test drive and tasked to interpret elements of the car in an innovative room setting that embodies the design traits…


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A la Parienne

Edgars and Red Square have launched a cute Parisienne brand which is the second best seller at Sephora. Their best selling product is called The 3 Day Weekend , which promises to have every skin type looking as fresh as if you have just been on holiday.

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Skip & Destiny Magazine’s Fashion Exchange

Wouldn't it be nice if you could exchange your entire wardrobe, or a few of those items you loved in store but have never worn after purchasing, for new (at least to you) designer label items of clothing?  Well, DESTINY Magazine and Skip hosted an exciting Fashion Exchange workshop, helping Fashionistas lead the way in recessionista trends.


The 150…


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High Definition Hot Hatch

Do you enjoy driving? If you do, keep reading. The FORD Focus ST3 is a driver’s car. Though I am not from the Play Station generation, the ST brings out a playful 4D sensation, which I could only imagine of the next generation motorsport game. From the moment you sit in the Recaro racing seats, you…


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Vintage Coffee Ads

You have to laugh at these 50’s Housewives inspired ads and think to yourself, what the hell were they thinking?  Remember though that this was the ONLY place a women was allowed to be during this era, she was to cook, clean, raise the children and still be ready for some rumble in the jumble at the end of the day with her hair perfectly combed and heels on! 


As funny as…


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Happily Married...

“Ooooh. I want to get in your genes.”

My gay husband is very sexy, yes. But this sort of sexy talk, I was not expecting.


“Oh honey no, these old Seven For All Mankind? I got them on sale.” I say, blushing.


“No babe. I want your genes. The twirly DNA that make you you.”



I am not nearly drunk enough to be having this conversation.


So I crank up the sound system and we drive in silence,…


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The Techno Quickie: The self-parking car

The Techno Quickie: The self-parking car

By Daniel Calbacho

Autonomy- don’t we all wish we had some of that?  Teenagers would kill to do as they please and roll to their own beat. So who would ever imagine an autonomous car? Volvo is in development of just that. A car that drives better than us! It’s safer, more fuel efficient and leaves us with…


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Decorex SA, Pops Up Online

I love this time of the year when major retail companies celebrate their birthdays and South Africans go into a frenzy over major “End of Season” sales... Decorex SA celebrates its 20th Birthday this year with an online pop up store showcasing some of the finest South African design talent on an Uber trendy website, Citymob, which showcases the latest must-haves to roll off…


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Trend Alert: In the Clear

According to trend forecasters at Stylesight; transparent plastics continue as a key material for summer. Saturated pool blue tones and transparent materials conjure a watery feel. These transparent bags can be seen around the world, from runway shows to the streets alike. This easy and fresh look is a huge statement piece for both men and women - one that I am going to love all…


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Mandela Day!

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David Gillson - Mousse

Mousse (no one calls it foam) is having a moment again! As the 80's made way for the 90's with it's sleek ironed hai,r mousse made way for lighter smoothing products like silicone serums and pomades. With the return to volume in hair-as well as the huge influence of punk- Mousse is back!!…


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Preview-Casadei Suede Multi-colour Creations

With contrasting Colours, these Polychromatic Pumps are on Trend this Season. You needn’t be plagued by difficult decisions on Shoe Colours…you can have them all with these Multi-coloured Suede Creations, compliments of Casadei. Whether you prefer a Pink Palette or an array of Aquatic colours, Multi-coloured madness is the Modern…


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Monkey Do...

Monkey Do…

Posted in DatingFiction, …


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The Dossier Beauty issue will be in stores soon

The Dossier Beauty issue is now off the printing press and on trucks to your city. Read why we chose Jena Dover, Carolyn Steyn and Louise Carver as cover girls in my editor's letter. The magazine is what it says, full of beauty products, beautiful shoots and beautiful…


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As with most of my relationships, my brief fling with this lovely young French model came to an end before it even began. But I can without a doubt say that this is the one I won't get over anytime soon.

              Yes, the all-new Renault Clio 4 has…


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