You have to laugh at these 50’s Housewives inspired ads and think to yourself, what the hell were they thinking?  Remember though that this was the ONLY place a women was allowed to be during this era, she was to cook, clean, raise the children and still be ready for some rumble in the jumble at the end of the day with her hair perfectly combed and heels on! 


As funny as they are, these ads worked.  Companies realised the subliminal effect ads had on housewives which would watch them whilst standing behind their ironing boards.  The ads depict that drinking coffee makes for a happy husband and a happy Voila! ... A coffee boom occurred during this time, paving the way for our fabulous Mocha lattés and Cappuccino’s we adore insanely and couldn’t live without.


For your modern day take on the perfect cuppa, go to




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