You will know Tamara Dey as the lead singer from Flash Republic or her more recent venture, Death By Misadventure, or DbyM which is a two piece electro band made up of herself and her boyfriend, Isaac Klawansky (he is a member of local band, Shadowclub). On the social scene, Tamara is known for her adventurous tresses and trendy fashion sense. Neofundi caught up with her to discuss her hair trends…..

You’re quite the Chameleon when it comes to your hair, how do you and David (from Carlton Hair – Hyde Park) come up with your different looks?

We're both hugely inspired by high fashion and street culture. David really has his finger on the pulse when it comes to 'what’s next' with hair. We also take a lot of inspiration from the style of music I'm making at the time and what I'm doing look wise etc.

What are your favourite hair products from Carlton Hair?

I'm mad for the Davines hair care range.

What hair-care tips can you share with us?

Whether you're adventurous with your hair or not, regular in-salon treatments and/or a good home treatment is always a good idea. Hair needs moisture and added Keratin for hair health, strength and shine. Try the Nourishing Hair Building pack from Davines.

What’s your best hair look?

Being a red head was my best hair look and I'll definitely go back! I especially loved having long copper red hair with an undercut.

And your worst?

Believe you me I've had a couple of bad hair days! I went platinum blonde a few years back. For a while I rocked a hot platinum blonde bob. Then we went a bit too far with the bleach and the next thing my hair was falling out. I had to cut my hair into a short boy crop which I hated at the time :)

What’s your hairs “pick-me-up?”

I'm a big fan of the Micro Mist…..yes, it’s too from Carlton Hair….what can I say

Think celebrity, who dons your favourite hairdo?

I am totally crushing on Miley Cyrus at the moment. Her Punk, platinum bleached, cropped cut is so hot. Loving her look right now.

Your all time fav hair style?

A chic jet-black bob with blunt bangs.

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