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El Bulli Closes

Spain - El Bulli, one of the world's most acclaimed and award-winning eateries, has served its last supper.

On the final menu served on Saturday were 50 dishes with intriguing names like "Clam Meringue," "Olive Spheres," and "Hot Cold Gin Fizz."

For more than half of the 24 years that virtuoso chef Ferran Adria has been in charge of its kitchen, the restaurant has maintained…


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Marion and Lindie -by Jesse-Leigh Elford

Jesse-Leigh Elford (Infidels) shoots the Marion and Lindie SS2011 Campaign featuring Mignonne van Eeden and Mariana Santana. Hair by Merle Titus. Make up by Melissa van Zyl.








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Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Posters


Aaron Wood has created a really cool series of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Propaganda Posters.



Twitter, Facebook…


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Softer Side of Colour Blocks

Colourblock has appeared on dozens of designers' runways for the last three seasons, but it's not all about Mondrian-style squares and hard-lined panels. As Carey Mulligan proved in a skin-baring Rocksanda Ilinicic frock at Comic-Con last week. The trend can be sweetly feminine and softly sexy as well. From Gucci's artfully-draped Spring 2011 versions to the…


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A Light And Fast Kitty

Jaguar Light is an exploration of a new design language for the brand, centering around the idea of lightness. A sense of visual reduction and economical use of materials. Inspired by decorative and structural properties of aluminum foam and the honeycomb, the resulting structure is a single sculpted foam where both the exterior and…


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unwinding wind

M: Yes, the Capetonian wind can drive you crazy. Especially at night! But shoo, I dig it too... So by the sight of the rough sea and a proper sandstorm in Camps Bay last weekend, I stopped my car to enjoy the…


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Brand's what they do to cows in Texas

Five years of an ever increasing amount of 'brand'-based linguistic paraphernalia, and as both a writer and a reader, I'm utterly exhausted by the complete meaningless inanity of it all. And if I sit in one more meeting where some marketing dodo hits me with crap like 'brand architecture', 'brand custodian' and 'brand promise', I'll brand them in original branding style with a hot poker on the rear.

I cannot begin to tell you just how many problems I have with the notion of 'brands' -…


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Emmanuel Castis


Emmanuel Castis, our latest fundi, has been a professional actor for 10 years. He started out in musical theatre Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show and the Prince in Cinders and Her Fella. This was followed by a number of stage roles in various plays including Macbeth. Musical shows over the years…


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Lego Kitchen

A duo formed by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti created their own LEGO kitchen. They first bought a simple kitchen island at IKEA and then they spent a few weeks covering it with more than 20.000 LEGO brick stones.…


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David Beckham's new Bodywear Range With H&M

"It marks the beginning of a significant relationship between H&M and David Beckham, with new Bodywear products being launched seasonally," H&M said in a statement on Thursday.

Beckham added that choosing H&M to retail the new underwear was "the final…


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Guess Who?

Accountant, politician, beauty therapist or shrink. She could be anyone. And so could you!!





I bet you know who this is (pic above). She not only wears the mask, she lives it.


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secret dinner at opal lounge

M: Last week I was invited for a 'Secret Dinner' by my good friend Maria Vasco. She initiated a brilliant concept that guarantees a stylish venue, exclusive food and - most important - a group of…


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I bet you want to know who this is...meet Precious Makgaretsa


Damn right she's a model... SA's very own top model

And an adventurer, dancer, music lover, writer, swimmer, painter, reader, observer...


"I love traveling, meeting different people, interacting, talking to them, listening to their stories, their opinions, learning the cultures and ways of the people.

Dynamic, energetic,…


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neofundi - tashas collaboration update

We at neofundi are very excited to show you our neofundi-tashas collaboration card. 

This two sided card will be received by patrons, with your receipt folder at tashas cafe.

To follow tashas page…


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A Preview preview


The shoe stores are preparing for the new spring/summer collections.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Preview store in Sandton, for a little pre-view of their soon to be launched summer range. I found myself in the store room, opening brand new boxes and discovering their treasures. One in particular is this Casadei. 


Technical details.

Sling back,…


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Joburg bloggers and writers unite

I have been remiss. A bad blogger. A blog is like a Tamagotchi. It needs to be fed to be kept alive. Actually a blogger is like a Tamagotchi too, hungry. So in a world of free content where most bloggers write out of love (and occasionally ego) an invitation to dinner is a supreme event.…

welcome from @missmillib

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Inside My Moleskine 3



This is an African Series I have drawn in black fine liner



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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Goes on Display

Starting tomorrow through Oct. 3, the wedding gown Sarah Burton designed for Kate Middleton will  be on display to the public at Buckingham Palace as part of “The Royal Wedding Dress: A Story of Great British Design." In addition to the gown, Middleton's handcrafted Alexander McQueen bridal shoes (size 8, with three-inch heels), the diamond…


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Censorship Tells the Wrong Story

By pixelating, otherwise, ordinary images of our current world leaders, ad agency Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai creates the illusion that something lewd is taking place. This new print cam­paign for press free­dom, hosted by Reporters With­out Bor­ders, called «Cen­sor­ship Tells the Wrong Story»





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