I have been remiss. A bad blogger. A blog is like a Tamagotchi. It needs to be fed to be kept alive. Actually a blogger is like a Tamagotchi too, hungry. So in a world of free content where most bloggers write out of love (and occasionally ego) an invitation to dinner is a supreme event.

welcome from @missmillib
welcome from @missmillib

The invitation from mememe and Two, one of my favourite stores arrived by email - addressed to "Dear cool people of Joburg" (I was never going to resist. At my age it could be injurious).They know their customer. That's me in the corner  (I feel an REM song coming on) - the circle with Nothing to do in Joburg besides..., well almost, second from the left. And before Google+ made circles, we were making them for ourselves.  And then mememe's Milli Bongela (journalist, trend observer, fashion commentator and artist promoter) and the talented Waldman sisters of Two had the good sense to put it all together.

joburg's blogosphere
Joburg blogosphere

It read: "We know some of you, but have never sat down to say to your face 'hey we think you are cool'. So please join us for a meal and some drinks and a chance for bloggers and writers to make some friends". In one of my day jobs I spend time telling companies why I think social media is effective. That's because I truly believe that the values of the online world - participation, collaboration, sharing things (this excludes pornographic photos, hate speech and photos of cats - not to be confused with the pornography I mentioned)  are pointing the way to how we should behave offline and that the only danger we face from technology is disconnecting the two worlds and thinking either is a complete universe. Saying that, it's also fun to eat lovely food, drink wine, be plied with gifts and watch the goodie bag grow (@missmillib and the sisters @carenwaldman had been very busy soliciting vouchers from their generous neighbours to welcome us).

54 on Sixth. Every placemat needs a good address
54 on Sixth. Every placemat needs a good address

Add to that being surrounded by great company (among them, Nikki Temkin of Chic Jozi, Socratis Avgitidis and Alex Avgitidis of SA's newest lifestyle and fashion portal Neofundi, the lovely Zodwa Kumalo from Marie Claire and Rage's Maria McCloy) and gorgeous clothing by local designers and Melissa shoes from Brazil.

I now have a policy - one glass of wine and I don't shop (frankly I never needed one before that night).  My only complaint is that the night wasn't long enough to make my way all around the table.  But I have sent a suggestion for next time

It's modeled on a party ice-breaker I heard about called "Meet your political nemesis" which involves getting a name tag on arrival saying, for example, "Custard Pie man" and having to look for your match - the person wearing the "Rupert Murdoch" tag or "ninja wife Wendi Deng".

As for blogging it may not be the best paying job, or even a paying job but it's a lot more fun to do than, say, hacking someone's phone or being hit in the face with a pie made out of shaving foam. See paragraph above.

So I sent a little thank you note.



* Find mememe and Two at 54 Sixth Street in Parkhurst. Besides for great South African fashion labels it's also a neat little venue for just about any event - bookclub, baby shower or cocktail hour.  See design magazine Visi's take on it and pictures from the night on missmillib's blog.


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Comment by alexandra avgitidis on July 28, 2011 at 9:40
It was a stunning evening and it was lovely finally meeting you.
Comment by Socratis Avgitidis on July 28, 2011 at 10:25
love the blogger-Tamagotchi analysis.:) Never thought of it like that.

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