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Golden Oldies in Delta Park

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The South African Motor Club Association (SAMCA) is having their annual Angela’s Picnic on Sunday, 3 April. The event is a non-commercial (no flea market or food stalls) aimed at the…


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VW’s gap bridger, the Passat

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The Volkswagen Passat – a car that bridges the gap between the entry-level executive sedan and the…


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Ekurhuleni Wine & Whiskey Festival

Awake your senses with a variety of flavours and come together in a fun, relaxed environment infused with a positive spirit and a great entertainment line-up.

The 2016 wine & whisky festival for Ekurhuleni wine, whisky & food loves is a hallmark event that draws together tourists, local people, business, youth, community organizations, media and visitors from…


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Barbara Palvin embodies ACQUA DI GIOIA

Giorgio Armani introduces Barbara Palvin as the face of Acqua Di Gioia and two new fragrances SUN di Gioia and AIR di Gioia (not yet available in South Africa).

Gioia: a pleasant word, a jubilant effervescence of body and mind. A word that just feels good. A name meaning “joy.” Joy that is serene, genuine, tangible; a joy neither…


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Robots in Forex Trading

Forex trading offers a heap of choices on you. You can trade using market makers or ECNs, you have a choice between brokers having MetaTrader platform and ctrader broker. Automated trading systems offer a volley of advantages to the traders who buy robots to take their place in moderated, ‘safe’ trading. They help in not only generating and executing profitable trades, but also in helping traders diversify their trading…


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Easter: The 5 Best Cadbury Chocolate Cocktails


For 2016 the on-trend cocktail theme is eggs—Cadbury Crème Eggs, to be specific, those sugar-cream–filled chocolate shells that the confectioner unleashes on our shelves every Easter.



refer to introductory image:

The most beautiful of the bunch has to be…


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Beauty Mistakes that Age You

Too Much Powder 

Going heavy-handed with powders can often lead to the dreaded “cake effect,” which basically spotlights every smile line and wrinkle that we have. Instead, opt in for a lightweight, liquid-based foundation (like …


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Futurethis: Scientific Beauty

Unlock your skins vitality & youthful appearance and experience lip and eye skincare regimes with two world renowned brands, QMS Medicosmetics & Team Dr. Joseph, brought to you by Futurethis. The products are scientific, 100% natural and high-tech treatments that work with evident results.


Contact Futurethis for more information on these products at…


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Easter Dessert: Hot Cross Bun Pudding

A truly simple and delicious recipe for Hot Cross Bun Pudding – serve with ice cream after lunch to woo your guests.


500ml (2 cups) cream

250ml (1 cup) milk

80ml (1/3 cup) caster sugar

6 eggs

about 15ml finely grated orange rind

5ml ground mixed spice (a mixture of ground cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves)

6-8 hot…


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Biominceur Body Wrap

Surgical procedures and organic alternatives abound in the market today to help people achieve their dream body weight and size.

If you haven’t heard of Biominceur, read on to find out more about this well-known slimming treatment that seems to work as the brand has managed to keep clients attention over a number of years now since it's launch in SA, with results critics are…


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Jewels for Mom this Mother’s Day

I cannot think of a better gift to give your mom other than the finest in silver and gold this Mother’s Day. In celebration of this occasion, PANDORA’S jewellery shines with affection with floral nostalgia, depicting the beautiful bonds of…


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KISUA for 8: The Sahara Collection

Summer 2016 sees the launch of this collection, the result of a second collaboration between KISUA, the unique African fashion brand that showcases the continents brightest design talent and 8, the independent Italian brand off­ering contemporary…


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Champagne Darling?

I’m fully aware of the fact that New Year’s Eve over (gasp!) but that doesn’t mean that the occasion for your favourite bubbly is... 

The reason for the drink of choice being one that’s loved all over the world is that it’s associated with great celebrations…”Salute”,”Prost”,”CHEERS”, we sing along!  The pass of your final year at University, the engagement to your soul-mate, the…


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Daily Dish

Just when you thought you weren’t missing out on anything, FOLO slaps you right across your face and has you thinking…where have I been?  I have only recently been introduced to this innovative company who’s designed a concept set to change the way we shop, cook, eat and live in my opinion….

If you’re like me and…


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Bolt EV Car Information

In two or three years, Chevrolet might well be slashing huge dollars off the sticker of its new Chevrolet Bolt EV and sweetening lease bargains like so much Southern frosted tea. It presumably will need to, so as to move adequate amounts of a nonpremium smaller electric hatchback so as to fulfill both CAFE necessities and zero-discharges orders. In any case,…


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Mazda CX-3 compact travel bag

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Joburg Ballet's Giselle 2016

As Autumn unfolds, the ballet season kicks off this year with a special 175th anniversary production of Giselle, a beautiful classical favourite, from 8 – 17 April at Joburg Theatre. Artistic Director of Joburg Ballet, Iain MacDonald comments:

“We are proud to join the international community in celebrating this landmark anniversary after an absence of…


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Make a Difference with Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing, technology and social media has a significant impact on how we behave socially, how we act as consumers and how we do business. Therefore it is fair to say that any company that does not adapt to the new era of marketing and communications, is in danger of losing out.

 Good quality content writing is a vital component of any website. It adds incredible amount of value to your digital presence and helps you find more clients. Without high quality…


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Importance of Electricity

Without electricity, home and office appliances will not work and there will be disruptions in daily work routines hampering both your personal life and loss of money in the case of a business. Modern man relies heavily on electricity to perform everyday work such that he/she becomes agitated when power is off even for a few minutes.

Electricity is the basis of most modern inventions of the 21st century .The utmost necessities of modern day life like mobile phones,…


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Four rings and four A's for Audi's New A4


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