Without electricity, home and office appliances will not work and there will be disruptions in daily work routines hampering both your personal life and loss of money in the case of a business. Modern man relies heavily on electricity to perform everyday work such that he/she becomes agitated when power is off even for a few minutes.

Electricity is the basis of most modern inventions of the 21st century .The utmost necessities of modern day life like mobile phones, computers, internet, televisions, radios, light bulbs etc. operateon electricity. Thus without electricity life would come to a complete standstill. There is heavy demand forelectricity;so much importance is being provided for the production of electricity.

Electric power is generally generated from waterfalls, dams through artificial processes and also generated from coal by installing thermal stations near coal mines or from burning fossil fuels such as oil or coal. Not only in homes and offices but electricity has varied utilities in various sectors. The major transport mediums like trams, buses, railway trains are moved by the power of electricity.

Hospitals have great use of electricity as x-ray machines and surgeries require uninterrupted supply of electricity.Even nowadays cars are being designed which work on electricity. Electricity thus has wide applications and functions.Electrical contractors or electricians are in demand both in domestic and industrial sectors for electric product installation and electric repair services.

Electricity is one of the most widely used energy so it is also necessary to conserve it. Conserving electricity means electricity should be used wisely when necessary and wasting or unnecessary use of electricity should be avoided.Advantages of using energy saving appliances lead to better electricity management and thus help in electricity conservation along with low electric bills for consumers.

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