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The Wiz leads the Way for The NSA Festival of the Arts

The NSA Festival of the Arts takes to the stages of the Joburg Theatre and the National School of the Arts from Tuesday 6th - Sunday 11th March 2018. 

Angella Mulaudzi (Dorothy) Nkosi Mnisi (Lion) Tsepho Skosana (Tin Man) Vuyo Maboe (Scarecrow)

Photo Credit: Essie…


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Facts to Know about Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town

Car hire or rental services are more common than you think in European cities. But, there has been a rise in the number of car hire services in Cape Town as well in the past few years. Cities that welcome international tourists throughout the year have numerous car rental companies. Renting a car makes travelling and exploring the city easy…


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Through the panoramic looking glass

Looks are subjective, but I’m going say it - Jaguars large XJ L is the best-looking car in its class. Sculptural, sleek and sophisticated. Its beautiful lines defy the traditions within its class. Like a leaping cat, the XJ is about to pounce…


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How to Teach Children Piano in Effective Ways

In recent years, it has been proven that learning any musical instrument helps the children to improve their overall mental health. Especially, playing the piano has tremendous mental and physical benefits on school going kids. In fact, research has shown that there is a close connection between our brain and our tendency for creativity. It is generally tougher for a non-musical person to have a clear thought process. Thus, learning music can help the children to have enhanced…


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Merits of Using Plastic Injection Moulding in Cape Town

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most popular methods which is applied to mass produce of plastic parts. The method of plastic processing and manufacturing plastic goods is being adopted by several industrial leaders all around the world. The technology behind this process is simple yet highly advantageous. First, the plastic materials are fed in a heated barrel and then it is…


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An Introduction to XML Conversion Services

  • What is XML and XML conversion?

XML or in other words, the extensiblemark-up language, is a language just like HTML. It was designed and developed for describing data. XML defines a set of definite rules for encrypting documents in aformat which is readable for humans as well as machines. XML tags are not predefined. It gives a user the ability to choose their own tags. XML can be treated as a complete opposite of HTML language.…


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Mazda today, the enhanced 3

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Standing on its own four wheels “so to speak”, Mazda has gorgeously penned a range of…


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Types and Uses of Various Data Entry Services

Data entry outsourcing companies specialise in offering the best-in-class data management services that incorporate data entry, scanning, processing, indexing, archiving etc. Bigger companies in various industrial sectors subcontract the tedious, back-end data entry work to outsourcing companies mostly located in other countries.

The following are the…


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Services Offered By Hearing Clinics :

Imagine the whole world growing silent day by day. Most people do not seem to comprehend the how horrifying a simple case of hearing impairment could be. People suffering from constant gradual hearing loss have a hard time associating with others and keep up a conversation. In case of children, the outcome of hearing loss is difficult while learning to speak a language. The state could worsen if left unchecked for long periods of time. Potential reasons for causing it are numerous.…


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The Rising Trend of Brookhaven Kitchen Cabinetry

There are various categories and designs of cabinets that have become a rage in the industry of interior designing and remodeling industry. Exquisitely crafted cabinetry complements the architectural aesthetics of a home. The cabinets have practical importance as well. The Brookhaven brand of cabinetry is part of the Wood-mode custom cabinetry…


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The enhanced tog bag from Mazda – the improved CX-3


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Compact crossovers are all the rage. Together with entry-level hatchbacks, these two types of vehicles are the only categories growing in sales…


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Micro-Peeling at its best- Filorga

I have been loving the effect of Filorga's newest addition to the innovative French skincare range- the Oxygen-Peel Reoxygenating Micro-peeling Lotion- mild enough to use daily, packing a powerful punch of

amazing ingredients that give really excellent results.

We know by now that exfoliation is key when it comes to your skin looking its…


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