The Rising Trend of Brookhaven Kitchen Cabinetry

There are various categories and designs of cabinets that have become a rage in the industry of interior designing and remodeling industry. Exquisitely crafted cabinetry complements the architectural aesthetics of a home. The cabinets have practical importance as well. The Brookhaven brand of cabinetry is part of the Wood-mode custom cabinetry brand family. Traditional craftsmanship combined with the precision and meticulousness of modern upgraded technology results in this particular brand of cabinetry.

Brookhaven kitchen cabinets are made by applying painted and hand-stained finishes, to the custom-made cabinets through a multi-stage process. The adjustable shelves are placed firmly on the clips integrated into the frames. The drawer boxes are made of solid maple wood in order to ensure durability and comfort. Brookhaven kitchen cabinets come equipped with a variety of innovative styles and functional features that cater to client specifications as well as budgets. This brand of kitchen cabinetry is known for its flexibility as these cabinets are available in a variety of structures and finishing touches. The following are the various designs of Brookhaven kitchen cabinets:

  • Brookhaven Cape Cod
  • Brookhaven Expressions
  • Brookhaven Lakeshore
  • Brookhaven Synergy
  • Brookhaven Woodland Meadows

Some features of Brookhaven cabinetry

 The following are some of the generic features that make Brookhaven cabinetry unique:

  1. Stained and painted finishes are applied in an 8 step procedure.
  2. Adjustable shelves which lock firmly into place and are supported by integrated clips.
  3. Cabinet openings are equipped with extra width.
  4. Cabinet components are constituted of furniture-grade particleboard.
  5. Heavy-duty solid maple cherry dovetail is used to make the drawer boxes.
  6. Full extension drawer slides mounted under the drawer for a more spacious interior storage. The drawer slides are equipped with soft-closing action and special stops to prevent the drawers from being pulled out.
  7. Brookhaven cabinetry ensures lifetime warranty on drawer slides and hinges.

There are two distinct semi-custom Brookhaven lines of cabinetry namely Brookhaven I and Brookhaven II. The former is known for its frameless design and is available in over 20 door styles in furniture-grade plywood, high-density furniture board, and natural woods. Brookhaven II, on the other hand, has a traditional framed construction cabinetry. There are about 30 door styles that are available in the market, namely furniture grade plywood, high-density furniture board, and natural woods. Furniture-quality particleboard ensures maximum stability to both the framed and frameless cabinets. Both the framed and frameless lines of cabinetry are coated with stain-resistant wood grain melamine. Both these categories of Brookhaven cabinets are known for their furniture-quality plywood construction with natural maple veneer lining. Maximum access is dependent on the choice of concealed hinges or 180-degree opening decorative hinges. The hinges are designed to ensure the adjustment for precise door alignment. White metal drawers also lend the frameless cabinets with a contemporary look.

Brookhaven cabinets are known for being a semi-custom line of cabinetry. Brookhaven is one of the most superior-quality brands of custom kitchen cabinetry due to the acute attention that is paid to its detailing, old-world styling and intricate crafting.

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