Types and Uses of Various Data Entry Services

Data entry outsourcing companies specialise in offering the best-in-class data management services that incorporate data entry, scanning, processing, indexing, archiving etc. Bigger companies in various industrial sectors subcontract the tedious, back-end data entry work to outsourcing companies mostly located in other countries.

The following are the various advantages of outsourcing data entry services:

  • Accuracy of data entry and reports
  • Better focus on core business areas
  • On-demand and timely delivery of data and reports
  • Increased profit margins due to cost effectiveness of services
  • Customization of services according to needs of clients
  • Expert data management
  • Time saving for the outsourcer company
  • Superior quality of services
  • Security of data
  • Flexibility to manage varied workloads
  • Organized work delegation


A wide range of data entry services are offered by these specialized companies.  These have been discussed below:

1. Online data entry services: These primarily consist of data entry and compilation from e-books, business cards, catalogues or websites and form processing.

2 Offline data entry services: Data entry of vouchers, subscriptions, business cards,receipts, application forms and various other sources are the most integral part of offline data entry services.

3. Data capture services: This entails capturing data from scanned documents, forms and variousothers sources such that the data can be organised into a single format and indexed for easy retrieval.

4. Data cleansing services: Through this service, the business data is cleansed of all errorslike duplicationissues, use of abbreviations so that the data can be easily understood and utilized in order to arrive at a precise decision-making point.

5. Document indexing: This process helps to save document storage space and stores business data in an organised, sorted and categorized form for easy access and retrieval.

Some of the other categories of related data entry services are:

  1. Document conversion services:The following services fall under this category:
  • Document digitization services
  • Data conversion services
  • Excel formatting services
  • Word formatting services
  • OCR services
  • PDF conversion services


  1. Data scanning services: The experts can scan documents ranging from blueprints A2, A3, A4 and coloured documents. The following are the various services under this category:
  • Book scanning
  • Forms scanning
  • Document scanning
  • Invoice scanning
  • Microfiche scanning
  • Microfilm scanning


  1. Data mining process: This process is carried out in various stages:
  • Analysis of business
  • Collection of data
  • Validation of raw data
  • Evaluation of raw data
  • Modelling of data sets into functional information
  • Deploying of this information


  1. E-commerce data entry services: This includes the following services:
  • Product database creation
  • Maintenance of existing product database
  • Enhancement of product database
  • Processing for purchase order


Businesses should outsource data entry after finalising the expense, amount and format of data entry they require. Outsourcing data entry services helps the client company to make precise decisions, increase operational efficiency and most importantly reduce data entry costs.

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