How to Teach Children Piano in Effective Ways

In recent years, it has been proven that learning any musical instrument helps the children to improve their overall mental health. Especially, playing the piano has tremendous mental and physical benefits on school going kids. In fact, research has shown that there is a close connection between our brain and our tendency for creativity. It is generally tougher for a non-musical person to have a clear thought process. Thus, learning music can help the children to have enhanced problem-solving skills that in turn help them in their studies and other competitive fields of life. Other benefits of taking piano lessons for kids are illustrated below:

  • Helps to increase intellectual power.
  • Helps to have better memory power.
  • Helps to enhance creativity.
  • Helps to have improved concentration power
  • Helps to have increased multitasking ability.

There are many reputed institutions that provide effective piano lessons for kids. All these reputed institutions implement efficient teaching methods so that the kids can learn new compositions while enjoying their piano classes. Some of the effective methods to teach kids piano lessons are illustrated below:

1. Learning to read the notes and rhythms

i. It is important to teach the kids to learn the notes and rhythms correctly at an early stage.

ii. The notes and rhythms play important roles as they are considered the very basic foundations of learning to play the piano.

iii. The ability to play them properly on the keyboard is very crucial for enhancing piano playing skills.

2. Improving the piano technique

i. Each kid has a different capacity of grasping the concept of piano learning. It is the duty of the teacher to find effective piano exercises for polishing the technical skills of the students.

ii. Students should also learn scales, arpeggios and other technical work to further enhance their skills.

3. Improving the aural skills.

i. Aural skills can be described as recognising the notes and rhythms just by listening to them. These skills are very important for developing the “ear”.

ii. Most of the reputed institutions that offer piano lessons employ experienced teachers who specifically focus on improving these skills so that the kids can learn those techniques effectively.

4. Comprehending Harmony

i. It is important to learn the musical theory and harmony at a very tender age.

ii. Understanding the harmony properly will help the kids to comprehend the musical compositions in an effective way.

iii. Thus, piano lessons for kids should include the effective teaching methods so that music theory can be taught together with learning the repertoire pieces.

5. Understanding the musical expressions

i. Apart from focusing on the theoretical part of piano lessons teachers should focus on developing the emotional aspects of the students.

ii. Understanding the emotional expressions of the music is very crucial in delivering imaginative and more “touching” performance.

Thus, piano lessons can help the children to increase the chances of success in their future professional and personal life. Taking piano lessons regularly has a great positive impact on developing kid’s brain thinking ability and provide them with such benefits as improved concentration, focus and creativity.

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