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A Tribute to the Winter Olympics by Tatsuo Horiuchi

The 2014 Winter Olympics, was a major international multi-sport event, held in Sochi, Russia, in the tradition of the Winter Olympic Games.  Sochi was selected as the host city in 2007 and saw major renovations to gear up for this international affair, which would bring thousands of tourists to Russia.  It was the first Olympics in Russia since the…


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Enimen what can I say. Cape Town you fu#k3n rocked it! It was not always in the cards for me to be going to the concert, but after a quick road trip with some Eminem classics on the radio, I was officially a fan.. I even got the studded cap to prove…


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The Pendulum – An Artists Playground

For my weekly décor blog, this week, we take a look at how to make the ordinary, extraordinary by using mathematical shapes of the pendulum's swing and the human element of positioning and initiating movement.  Sound strange?  Well it is quite a different take on the normal “artists drawing board.”…


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Mika Stefano, SWEAT 1000 & Longevity

I am inviting two neofundi members to join me at the Brooklyn Mall with the Longevity team and the ever-fabulous Mika Stefano who will be hosting a special S.W.E A.T 1000 class followed by brunch at Mythos in Brooklyn Square and the opportunity to win some great prizes. We will rub shoulders with…


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A GLAMOURous Valentines Day

Love was in the air on the 14th of February as a spectacular Valentines event was hosted by Hyde Park Corner in association with Glamour Magazine and Revlon.  


The GLAMOURous affair started at Luminance Boutique Department Store with a spectacular “champagne tower” from Grey Groose and special Valentines discounts on offer for all guests. …


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Poiray & Hapanema Colloaborate

Poiray, a luxury watchmaking and jewelry house has joined forces with Hapanema, a fun, chic and ultra sexy, bracelet making company to bring us the new Hipanema X Poiray collection.


For the first time, Poiray’s iconic Ma Première watch, known for its interchangeable straps, can be worn with the multi-colored, braided, embroidered and beaded bracelets made by…


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The Peugeot 508

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The first impression


The last Peugeot I drove was the Red Hot Chilli Pepper of French cars - the 208 GTi, which is a finalist in this year’s Car of the Year competition. I also reviewed their ultra stylish RCZ coupe. I have said it before and will again, the French make quirky…


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Minimalist Cat Eyes

The traditional cat-eye is bold with lids being finished off with dark make-up, giving you that extra sultry look.  The new, 2014 cat-eye is minimalist.  Enough said?

Get the look from the detailed tutorial below that I found on FASHIONISING.com.  Thank you for sharing the love FASHIONISING! Now play a little ladies :)…


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London Fashion Week - Sophia Webster

I'm insanely in love with shoe designer, Sophia Webster, who has just put on a magnificent display in the Regents Garden during London Fashion Week 2014.  

Sophia Webster was awarded the Conde Nast Footwear New Emerging Designer of the Year award for 2012 and has been given the prestigious New Gen Award, for the third consecutive season, by the British…


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Daisy Balloon creates Balloon Sculptures

I came across this on the net, and had to share it with you. I love that it is thinking out the box and different. Rie Hosakai aka Daisy Balloon,creates intricate dresses out of small balloons. Fashion is her forte but she also designs sculptural work-like the giant teddy bear (made from smaller teddy bear balloons) for the recent Nipponista pop-up shop in…


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Preview - Vittorio Virgili

Pairing Luxury materials with the latest Laser Cut detailing, these Vittorio Virgili Creations are trending in Two-tone Monochrome with a hint of Femininity, in the Bow and Crystal embellishments. Perfect for dressing up in the day or elegant in the evening, they are stylishly crafted with the Modern Woman in mind.

© Taryn Louch…


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Preview presents the perfect Moccasins for the Modern Man, who appreciates attention to detail, with a selection of studs capping the toe. Make a bold Statement in this vision of Velvet Luxury, available in Black or Maroon. These Creations certainly give new meaning to the…


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Typography, Made Easy

In simple terms, Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter, which was quite a mission to accomplish way back then…. In modern times, typography has been put into motion—in film, television and online broadcasts - to add emotion to mass communication.


Danish concept store Playtype loves typography as evidenced by their collection of posters and…


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Pantone 2014 Colour of the Year – Radiant Orchid

Expect to see this exceptional colour all around you this year in décor, fashion, beauty products and accessories as Radiant Orchid has been named Pantone’s Colour of the Year.


According to Pantone, “Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative…


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The New Generation Toyota Corolla

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It has been around forty seven years and had eleven reincarnations. Every year they sell 1.1 million of them, and over its production history they have produced 40 million units. Can you guess what I am referring to? I’m not referring to Madonna’s musical reinventions and album sales,…


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Valentines Day a special occasion to show a loved one how much you care. 

Together with Hyde Park Corner and Zebra Square PR, fashion and beauty experts based in Joburg were asked to choose some of the best gifts that Hyde Park Corner has to offer this 14th of Feb.

Julia Mafcher, Editor of Joburg…


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Valentines Give-away with SWAK X


FOR VALENTINES DAY WE ARE GIVING 5 MEMBERS a beautiful SWAK X heart bracelet, all you have to do is comment on this blog. 


Sealed with a Kiss is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with their large offering of and…


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DIY - Table Makeover

You may like me have a piece of furniture of sentimental value to you and you adore but don’t know what to do with it in your “modern” home. 


I found inspiration through this post I saw online (http://diyshowoff.com/) which shows how easy it can be to spruce up an ol’ favourite.…


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The Snap, Crackle & Pop for Big Kids

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Jaguar. Just saying the name conjures up a host of adjectives. Regal is a good word to describe the British brand, but Jaguar actually began their history building sports car…


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Essie - French Valentine Manicure

With Valentine’s Day being just two weeks away, essie is here to help you get your perfectly polished look!


essie, has introduced the “French Valentine Manicure” for girls wanting to have a little fun and have made it easy by giving us a step-by-step guide on how to do it ourselves.  So they too are sharing the love!


You can view…


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