For my weekly décor blog, this week, we take a look at how to make the ordinary, extraordinary by using mathematical shapes of the pendulum's swing and the human element of positioning and initiating movement.  Sound strange?  Well it is quite a different take on the normal “artists drawing board.”


Rotterdam designer David Derksen has embellished a set of plates by employing the oscillations of a pendulum to drip patterns of paint, and this is the result.  A plain and unique set of crockery!


Derksen had this to say about his prototype, Oscilliation Plates:  "A beautiful pattern that is formed under the influence of gravity, which is normally hidden, is now literally shown.  On one hand it follows the mathematical laws of gravity, on the other hand it is very playful."


Click on the link below to watch the video of the swinging pendulum creating this pattern.






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