You may like me have a piece of furniture of sentimental value to you and you adore but don’t know what to do with it in your “modern” home. 


I found inspiration through this post I saw online ( which shows how easy it can be to spruce up an ol’ favourite.


Roeshel said: “This round side table is so pretty and the long criss-crossed legs are the perfect length to add a dipped look. I was really tempted to do hot pink or bright turquoise but chose gold since I like to swap out color in decorative accents so often. 


Remove each furniture leg and the small leveling/floor protector from each leg.

Decide how much of the legs you wish to be painted and mark each leg.

Create a clean line using FrogTape®. Rub the edge of the tape with your thumbnail. Tape off all areas not to be painted.


Then spray paint. I gave each leg one coat of paint + primer. 

Then I reassembled the side table.


Love it’s new look…nice legs!”


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Comment by Daniel Calbacho on February 16, 2014 at 14:35

Love it.

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