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Back to la future

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Peugeot’s new 3008 is gorgeous. I’m not alone in…


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Micro –Needling- The Next Step!


Everyone who invests in their skincare should have heard about the benefits of micro-needling- in short, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines; it improves scars, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and stimulates collagen production. The procedure involves using fine needles to create tiny puncture wounds on the top layer of the skin which causes the body to go…


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The Color Purple comes to Joburg Theatre

Although The Color Purple  is set in a different timeframe, it is so totally relevant in the lives of many South Africans in 2018 and it must be said, this is a coup for Joburg Theatre and its wonderful Nelson Mandela stage. (4 Feb- 4 March)

It took four years to negotiate the rights –this will be the first major international staging…


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Choose Foods That Slow Down Aging

There is so much talk of eating right to live longer and to look better for longer that it is easy to feel we should all be doing something more profound than getting a well-balanced diet.

But it seems that the right food may be all that it takes to give our bodies the best chance at fending off heart disease, some cancers, cataracts, osteoporosis and perhaps even some age-related memory drains.

Research is turning up that day-to-day choices like wholegrain cereals and fruit at…


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Indulge But Travel Light with !QMS

Indulge But Travel Light with !QMS

The festive season might be over, but that doesn't mean you won't be hopping on a plane anytime soon. You might be quite the seasoned traveler, and when you do board the aircraft, you don’t want to be lugging around heavy suitcases whilst on the go. Pack only the necessities!

Fortunately, QMS Medicosmetics takes care of all your skincare essentials. With travel-sized options available and a list of…


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Easy like Sunday Morning, the KIA Rio

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I looked up the word Rio on Google. You know what popped up? An animated kid’s movie series and a sexy city. I’m showing my age - I had no idea about the movie series. It also happens to be the name of KIA’s compact city hatch, and sedan,…


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Stainless Steel Ball Valves: Selection Process and Advantages

Ball valves refer to the valves that use a pivoting as well as a hollow and perforated ball that maintains and controls the flow of fluids. The valve opens when the hole is in line with the flow of the fluid and closes at the time of being pivoted up to 90 degrees by the valve handle. These valves can be made of several materials including brass, copper, cast iron,…


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Honda’s Comfortable Runabout Vehicle

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Also known as - the Honda CR-V. Comfortable and…


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Obesity and Cardiac Diet

Obesity only occurs when the food eaten has a high calorie value compared to the amount of fiber it contains. Calories do count. They are the measure of energy that the food contains.

With food that is highly processed, the bulk of fiber is removed. This applies mostly to the carbohydrates or starches and these foods become concentrated. The villain is sugar. It is added to so many foods.…


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Advantages of Using Glass in Commercial Buildings

When glass is used to construct a commercial building, the overall feel and look of the building is transformed. Glass is a very versatile material and it adds sophistication to both commercial and domestic buildings. Commercial glazing helps in creating a very sleek and modern look in buildings. Nowadays, glass is being…


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Outstanding Benefits and Applications of Thermal Printers

The thermal printer can be said to be a very popular printer which uses a special mechanism with the help of which the image is created on the paper. In other words the printing paper is chemically treated to be specially used by the thermal printer. There are two types of thermal printers including the thermal transfer and the direct transfer.

Please note that the thermal printers are used today across various industries and these…


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Time to Style Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the core parts of a home. It is the source of energy supply for the family; in the most literal sense. A kitchen should be such that it keeps the people working there, happy and in an organised state of mind. It must motivate work and inspire good taste. There are various styles and designs available for kitchens, and each of them is…


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Tips to Create a Better Online Presence that Gets You Results

Digital marketing is the hottest marketing trend with larger companies shifting their focus to reaching their existing and potential customers online. It’s only logical as almost every individual spends most of their time online, surfing the internet or interacting on social media. Digital marketing allows businesses to reach customers in a more natural and personal manner. You can also calculate the returns on your investment which is not possible via traditional…


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Mazda’s dynamic Retractable Fastback

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It was just a year ago that I reviewed Mazda’s MX-5 Roadster. Arguably, the most fun I’ve had in ages. The MX-5 is both raw…


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