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The festive season might be over, but that doesn't mean you won't be hopping on a plane anytime soon. You might be quite the seasoned traveler, and when you do board the aircraft, you don’t want to be lugging around heavy suitcases whilst on the go. Pack only the necessities!

Fortunately, QMS Medicosmetics takes care of all your skincare essentials. With travel-sized options available and a list of must-have products, QMS ensure your skin stays in tip-top shape.

Travel Sizes

Deep Cleansing

Formulated without mineral oils, this cleansing emulsion is both intense and gentle in the removal of impurities which build up while throughout the day. An added benefit: dab a few drops of Deep Cleansing on a cotton pad and wipe away your makeup too!

50ml - R150.00

Freshening Tonic

For optimal cleansing, this gentle purifier balances the skin's natural acid mantle to leave it feeling soft and fresh. Toning your skin is an essential part of any efficient skincare regime as it removes the remaining impurities and debris from your skin. Avoid the breakouts and acne that always seem to tag along when you least expect it.

50ml - R150

Sport Active

A lightly tinted day cream with SPF and an exclusive combination of vitamins. Its unique formulation covers imperfections, leaving your skin radiant and glowing. Perfect for the ladies who don’t want to coat on makeup whilst on-the-go.

15ml - R360

Skincare Essentials


Replenish after extensive time spent in the sun with Hydrofoam. Intensely hydrating, this foam mask soaks into the skin within minutes. A perfect post-holiday product!

Silk proteins restore moisture balance making fine lines disappear, Hyaluronic acid leaves skin soft and silky while the anti-inflammatory jojoba oil calms skin (even from sunburn). Shea butter moisturises and protects the skin against signs of aging, leaving it supple and firm.

150ml - R865

Cellular Sun

Efficient sun protection is absolutely necessary throughout the year, but especially during the warmer season. QMS’ Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 is a lightweight formulation with balanced UVA / UVB protection and a DNA-Repair Complex that provides protection against sunburn and premature light-induced skin aging. Skin cells are protected and the skin's DNA repair mechanisms are activated.

30ml - R1 060

Liquide Proteins

A light delight! The lightweight texture of this moisturising fluid makes it an ideal day care product. A power fluid for strengthening the skin's own defences, the combination of various skin-identical proteins, such as Ceramides, Silk Proteins, Squalan and Hyaluronic Acids strengthen the elastic fibres, building a breathing protective shield against free radicals.

50ml - R1 430


There’s no need to pack your entire medicine cabinet while you’re away – just your Intravital. Not only will it protect your skin from extended sun exposure, but it will also provide your skin with additional vitamins. Each capsule contains all necessary vitamins to recondition, regenerate and protect the skin's structure from within.

The high proportion of beneficial ingredients ensures an improvement in skin quality and a general feeling of well-being, beauty and vitality from a capsule.

60 capsules - R710

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