Kitchen is one of the core parts of a home. It is the source of energy supply for the family; in the most literal sense. A kitchen should be such that it keeps the people working there, happy and in an organised state of mind. It must motivate work and inspire good taste. There are various styles and designs available for kitchens, and each of them is unique, efficient and gorgeous. One can always use 3D kitchen designs before going for the real deal. Few of the designs and styles have been discussed briefly below:

Classic: The classic style is often considered to be relative. The definition of “classic” varies from person to person. However, it is mostly the idea of white backgrounds or cream panels which give a virtuous look to the kitchen; which is considered classic. The user is of course welcome to compliment the look with contemporary or traditional touches.

Modern: A modern kitchen often comes with sleek and swift appliances, frame-less cabinets and a blank metal look. Such a style allows the natural beauty of simplicity and technology to shine and dominate the kitchen.

Contemporary: A contemporary kitchen is mostly like a modern one, the only difference being, we can get playful with this design. Any additional feature, belonging to another style, is always welcome. These type of kitchens are usually cheerful and sober and mostly reflect the personality and taste of the owner.

Traditional: Such types of kitchens are characterized by decorative mouldings, grand arches, antique touches and elaborate lighting appliances. They take us back to an old glorious world- a perfect taste of the old for the new. However, personalization of the kitchen with additional items of varying styles often gives the kitchen a perfect abstract look.

Eclectic: If none of the styles go with the owner’s taste, there’s always the possibility of mixing and matching several. Create a fusion of styles you deem fit and personalise the kitchen with items according to your own taste.

Cottage: The cottage type kitchens are often simple and the most unpretentious. Soft colours, wooden floors, vintage hardware and cheery curtains define this style predominantly. They indicate towards an easy going life with least care.

Transitional: The transitional look sports a combination of the traditional style and the contemporary designs. The fusion invites flexibility which in turn satisfies the owner if she/ he happens to enjoy the touch of both the styles.

Craftsman: The ‘craftsman style’ became popular towards the beginning of the twentieth century due to the trend of the Victorian era. It is characterised by rich and sophisticated woods, hand- crafted tiles which is simply carved out from a good deal of effort.

Rustic: The rustic style is composed of rough and worn out features. The kitchen is designed to give that apparent look and is not actually worn out. Use of timber, vintage appliances, stones, fireplaces and bricks help to construct the perfect rustic ambience.

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