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Making Sense Of Me

A couple of years ago I was feeling sorry for myself-I can't even remember why, that’s how ridiculous my problems are. But even so, when your smile is missing, you will do anything to get it back. How I get over hiccups is I write myself letters from my inner self to my outer self, 'outer self' also goes by the name 'ego'.

Please note I don’t have a photographic memory, I have a…


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Chasing Images

Che Guevara, Brigette Bardot, Jane Birkin and Brigette Bardot


I always love taking photographs when I am at parties, especially when someone gives me their expensive camera, my whole personality…


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Secret Meetings

At least once a week all over the world married people and serious couples get an invitation to a private  location. This location changes at random. It is a very well kept secret and they can smell a fraud a mile away, that is why no one has been able to infiltrate these meetings, and only now 40 years later suspicions are confirmed.

These meetings have only one goal  “how to save the single people”.


There are many of these underground groups all over…


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