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Interactive Car Windows

Two weeks ago, Toyota Europe released an awesome sneak peak at a multimedia window concept the company may be pursuing. These high tech windows allow passengers to use simple gestures to zoom in on the world outside, draw on the windows, or find out more information about what they are seeing. Check out the company's YouTube video…


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tashas Morningside

George Betsakos and Natasha Sideris -delicious quinoa salad -and franky's curry with flat bread - from the signature menu.…


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Jason Wu's Fall 2011 Collection

Karlie Kloss, Jason Wu's usual runway opener, was at his show as usual..but this time, she walked second to last. Daphne Groeneveld opened, and Kloss's best friend Jourdan Dunn closed. But that wasn't the only big change Wu made for this season. Though known for his use of colour, Wu's Fall 2011 collection - "baroque American sportswear," as he called it- is primarily black…


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Most Inspiring Fashion Photography

1. Richard Avedon

These 35 images showcase some of the most brilliant and groundbreaking work by twelve of the world’s hottest fashion photographers. Feast your eyes on heavenly approaches to capturing haute couture, tailor-made to appeal to today’s sophisticated and ruthless fashionista.


2. Cecil…


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Beatlemania- First US Concert Photos fetch R2,5 million

On Wednesday, Christie's auction house said it sold 50 silver gelatin prints that the photographer, Mike Mitchell, made from the negatives for $361,938. The images, plus photos from another Beatles concert, had been estimated to fetch a total of $100,000.
The Beatles played their first U.S. concert…

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Danielle Franco


Danielle Franco is one of our stylish Jo'burg fundis, she promotes beauty brands and creates fabulous events around them. Neofundi caught up with her at the luxurious One & Only Hotel in Cape Town where she hosted the Pond’s event.


1)What do you love most…


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EMOTIONAL CREATURE: The Market Theatre Laboratory

It is rare when an international playwright identifies SA as the place to develop her newest work prior to its run in Paris and New York.

Eve Ensler has chosen to create her best-selling book into a play - right here in Jozi.

The run is almost sold out. We have one week left.

Eve identifies the female teenager as the world's most valuable natural resource. The show celebrates, challenges, exposes this notion. The audiences have been going crazy with daily and nightly…


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A friend sent me the link to a New York Times opinion piece inspired by Greece’s current unexpected leading role in the global financial crisis. In it, a Professor of history  discusses Greece’s oft forgotten vanguard function at the forefront of modern European development, beyond just its ancient cradle of culture cliché - from Greece’s 1820 revolution against the Ottoman Empire rousing the whole of Europe and ultimately leading away from empire-building to the birth of homogenous…


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Winter Wars & Inspiration!

After one of the coldest winter's in years, Grahamstown's spent the last week basking in sunshine! It's still freeeeeeezing at night, but daytimes are positively balmy! And maybe it's cos I was writing a commentary piece on the Greeks yesterday - check out the long blog after this one - but as I was making a fire last night, my thoughts fell on two little nations - one at the bottom of Europe and the other at its very top - who in the bitter cold of winter 1940 fought these amazing guerilla…


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Missing Pieces

In a world taken over by electronic games and virtual entertainment, the Missing Pieces table stands as a reminder of the days of patience, tangibility, and interpersonal synergy. The 4800 jigsaw puzzle pieces that make up this table are from a compilation of the Arc de Triomphe, Winnie the Pooh, the Taj Mahal, and a night sky, and serve as familiar fragments that invite us to play and enjoy…


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The Mask We Wear pt2

I have always said "we are the mask we wear". The photos I have chosen represent different moods and evolving personalities. These photos capture the moment of personal transformation.








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Claridge's New Suites By Diane von Furstenberg

Even icons need a bit of updating once in a while, something fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg knows all too well; it explains her astonishing longevity in the business. So when she started noticing inescapable signs of wear and tear in Claridge's-the venerable English hotel that she's called her home away from home since the…


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Did You Know #7

Fact 1

No word in the English language rhymes with purple, orange, month or silver.


Fact 2

Those stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.



Fact 3

When you kiss someone for a minute, you both burn about 2.6 calories.

According to that math, it would take about an hour of…


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Cinemagraphs - Part 3


As you know by now, I am obsessed with Cinemagraphs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The difference between GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) and Cinemagraphs, is that an animated .gif is usually a sequence of stills pulled from a video, combined together and repurposed into a .gif. Cinemagraphs are different because Jamie and Kevin use a single photograph while adding a…


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The 9 Hottest Haircuts Right Now


If there's any hair…

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Miami Swim Fashion Week 2012: White Sands Australia

Inspired by cool, chic Australian fashion, sleek silhouettes and retro pin-up vibes, White Sands Australia set the bar this Miami Swim Fashion Week for effortless glamour. Designer Leah Madden focused the line to not only be cutting…


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Self Preservation 101...

“He had more issues than the Readers Digest, so she cancelled her subscription.”


I was raised to be a good girl, nice to strangers, and caring to the less fortunate. But seriously, what do I look like? Florence bloody Nightingale?


I seem to have got myself ensconced with a good-looking, successful, charming, funny gentleman who happens to have so much baggage that I’m sure he shouldn’t be allowed to purchase flight tickets at normal…


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Sensuality of Shoes

Shoelosophy notes: 'A shoe is like a scent, a smile, a movement. You don't wear it, you are it'-shoelosophy by Socrati.





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Elegance Infinity Ring

Infinite            Eternal            Forever          Everlasting

The infinity ring is an Elegance signature…


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Making Sense Of Me

A couple of years ago I was feeling sorry for myself-I can't even remember why, that’s how ridiculous my problems are. But even so, when your smile is missing, you will do anything to get it back. How I get over hiccups is I write myself letters from my inner self to my outer self, 'outer self' also goes by the name 'ego'.

Please note I don’t have a photographic memory, I have a…


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