Last week I was invited to a magnificent POND'S Launch at the One & Only Hotel in Cape Town. We were taken through the history of Pond's and then shown the new Age Miracle Range. They had organised a facial demonstration at the One & Only Spa, where a therapist showed us how to apply and use this new anti-ageing range for +35 skins.


POND’S has been creating products for women for 150 years. The POND’S INSTITUTE has invested heavily in intensive research, funding state of the art laboratories providing leading edge skin science, so that women are assured they are getting nothing but expert beauty technology incorporating new science to support new innovations.

Now another revolutionary product from POND’S has been unveiled by the leading skincare expert, this time in the arena of Anti-Ageing. This extraordinary range is the latest innovation from this trusted brand and took almost 9 years to develop. It is aptly named “Age Miracle”, because it promises to give visible results, helping to combat dryness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots in just 7 days, without any irritation.



CLA first came to the attention of POND’S in late 1996. At this time the role of CLA in skin was unknown. Later when the POND’S INSTITUTE was studying ageing in skin, they discovered that CLA could promote human epidermal differentiation and also stimulate the production of skin ageing repair.


Ideally, even before the signs of ageing appear, we should have used sun protection and extra moisturising creams that would deter our skin from getting in such bad shape - most of us don’t and our skin eventually looks old, on the inside and outside.


This is where the CLA in POND’S Age Miracle steps in.

It works by boosting the activity of skin cells - unlocking the door to youthful skin.

POND’S Age Miracle brings younger skin cells to the skin surface to combat dryness and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and spots in just 7 days.


POND’S now successfully holds patents for efficacious CLA combinations with other key skin ageing ingredients, and has recently been granted patents in Europe. 

Over time, with continued product use, your skin begins to look young, because deep down, your skin cells are acting young and healthily. In vitro test results prove that with CLA, the following beneficial and healthy changes are happening deep inside:

• Cell growth is increased and cell renewal is enhanced.

• Production of the cell’s outer envelope or protective ‘shell’ is increased.

• Levels of collagen are increased.

• Levels of decorin are increased.

• Improvements in elastin are seen to aid skin elasticity.

POND’S Age Miracle’s active ingredient, CLA, is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties and does not cause irritation. For this reason, CLA is different compared to many other anti-ageing ingredients, which have a tendency to cause irritation when used. The CLA found in all POND’S Age Miracle products is sourced specially from safflower seed oil and is safe to use on human skin.


POND’S Age Miracle also contains other actives. This means the products makes use of all new discoveries in anti-ageing technology, so that the consumer can really see the benefit by using only one range of products.

• It contains a collagen compound, which boosts the skin content of collagen to give an anti-wrinkle effect.

• It contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps protect and prevent against additional skin ageing.

• It has SPF 15 PA++ that protects skin from harmful UV rays that cause further skin ageing.




The secret of POND’S Age Miracle









A daily regenerating cleanser that helps fight the signs of ageing through gentle micro-exfoliation.


 Micro-exfoliates reveal new skin.

Cleanses thoroughly without leaving skin dry or flaky.

Reduces dullness.

Enhances overall skin radiance.

Skin is soft and smooth.

PRICE: R84.99
























 • Tones and refreshes the skin as it wipes away ageing skin cells.

• Skin is deeply cleansed while retaining its natural moisture level.

• A regenerating alcohol free toner that gently refines ageing skin cells.

PRICE: R84.99




























Expertly fights fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps visibly reduce the appearance of age spots.

Protects against age-accelerating UVA/UVB rays.

Enhances overall skin radiance.

A non-oily and quick absorbing moisturising cream that increases the skin renewal process and stimulates natural collagen production.

The day cream is also enriched with Vitamin C, Micro Collagen and SPF 15 for effective caring and protection from sun-damage.

PRICE: R129.99






























Expertly fights fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps visibly reduce the appearance of age spots.

Enhances overall skin radiance.

The serum delivers a daily boost of POND’S highest concentration of wrinkle fighting and age spot-reducing technology - Advanced CLA4 ComplexTM - to the skin.

PRICE: R149.99






































As different factors result in different signs of ageing in the upper and lower eye area, this dual formula eye cream features two formulations – one to target the upper eye area,and one to target the lower area.

The cream contains Collagen, Chamomile and Sunshields

KEY BENEFITS:Upper Eye Collagen Cream helps reduce lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Under Eye Brightening Cream helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

PRICE: R129.99








This rich textured night cream helps fight the signs of ageing whilst you sleep. It increases the skin renewal process and stimulates natural collagen production so, in time, you can wake up to skin that looks visibly youthful and radiant.


Expertly fights fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps visibly reduce the appearance of age spots.

Enhances overall skin radiance.

PRICE: R129.99






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Comment by Danielle Franco on July 4, 2011 at 10:23
Alex, 'Thank You', so much for your incredible review! I just love that you have featured every single product available in the NEW Ponds 'Age Miracle' Range, so consumers can see exactly what is available. I also thought that having the Ponds 'Skin Therapist' - Maryke Malan,  to run through the entire range in the form of a demonstration on the Models. Worked out brilliant well, as it showed exactly how to use the product step-by-step. For me I learnt a lot, how to use eye cream for a start, which I had been using in-correctly since I have started using eye cream. I have been putting it above my eye, and not on my eye-lid. Also how gently you really need to be on your skin, when applying a moisturiser. That was also an eye-opener for me.
Comment by Beth Seagal on July 4, 2011 at 10:30
@Danielle, can't believe it, I have been doing exactly the same thing for years.
Comment by Nomsa Kagiso on July 5, 2011 at 15:32
Looks like a great product! I'm going to try it....
Comment by Candice James on July 5, 2011 at 21:08
The eye cream looks like something I'm going to try. It has eye gel and eye cream in one container!very different

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