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Censorship Tells the Wrong Story

By pixelating, otherwise, ordinary images of our current world leaders, ad agency Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai creates the illusion that something lewd is taking place. This new print cam­paign for press free­dom, hosted by Reporters With­out Bor­ders, called «Cen­sor­ship Tells the Wrong Story»





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Iconic Jump Portraits

Legendary Latvian-born American portrait photographer Philippe Halsman is one of the most innovative photographers of the 20th century. Over his lifetime, he shot 101 LIFE magazine covers, including the most famous…

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Canali Fall 2011

The Italian Job–Giovanni Gastel captures Greek model Janice Fronimakis for Canali’s fall 2011 outing. Encapsulating the essence of the Italian label, Janice looks to the finest selection of bespoke suiting and outerwear for a fall season of effortless style and sophistication.…


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'Make It Hard' exhibition of work by Helmut Lang, East Hampton

At first sight they resemble some kind of organic material. Coral perhaps, or bubbling mineral deposits. But these tubular sculptures currently exhibited by Helmut Lang have a more complex significance - they are all that remains of his personal professional archive as a fashion designer.


Lang, who retired from his eponymous Prada-owned label in January 2005…


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Ladylike Box Bags

Lanvin, Celine, and Kenzo all showed hard-structured bags for Fall 2011, and ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned up to last month's CFDA Awards sporting a pastel pair from The Row, this retro-inspired silhouette has been topping the hit list. Polished enough to go from…


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Fine Dining...

Recently I very much felt like the “Starter Wife”. This remains unproven however, since my ex is still single. But still. The possibility of grooming a man for someone else’s dining pleasure was almost too much to bear.


And then, the shoe was suddenly on the other foot. _I_ turned out to be the woman dining on a dish that some other poor unsuspecting chef-ette had slaved over for, well, years.


Please excuse my likening a man to a meal, but…


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Amy Winehouse - Queen of Blues Brittania

As we lose one more great talent to drugs and mayhem, I don't want to make any clever jokes, and for now I don't even want to mourn. I just want to laud, applaud and pay homage to the “Red, White and Blues” Amy Winehouse became the 21st century queen of, albeit for too short a time. In my mind, she is the most significant songstress to come out of the UK in three decades; and what I loved about her music from the first chord I ever heard, was how she took the timeless musical languages of…


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Did You Know #9

Fact 1

Jeep vehicles all have seven slots in their front grille because Jeep was the first manufacturer to have its vehicle driven on all seven continents!



Fact 2

Astronauts can connect to the Internet in space!

In the past, astronauts have been able to post tweets to Twitter;…


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Mr Ripley

The Talented Mr. Ripley tells the tale of a man who becomes obsessed with wealth, power and his friend. The book begins in New York, where down-on-his-luck Tom Ripley is approached by the wealthy Mr. Greenleaf to help him find his son, Dickie. Tom, an acquaintance of Dickie agrees to help. He soon finds himself in London forming a friendship with Dickie and his girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth starts…


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Love These Products - Mood Board

"I love these products" - a mood board showing beauty products that I use and packaging I adore.

Dr Rey's Sensual Solutions Products are amazing, especially the cleanser...that's a blog on it's own; The Pond's dual eye cream and gel is innovative, affordable and works; Tom Ford Neroli turquoise and gold bottle…


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Sensuality of Shoes-part 2

"A woman’s beauty begins at her ankle, it has the shape of things to come."-shoelosophy











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Miu Miu's Fall 2011 Noir Sunglasses Collection

1940's film Noir inspired the new batch of Miu Miu sunglasses for Fall 2011. Shot by Bruce Weber for the Miu Miu Fall 2011 ad campaign, the new frames feature oversized, angular cat-eyes and lots of retro-glam colourways-think ochre tortoise shell and metallic glitter-acetate. …


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Did You Know #8


Fact 1

The modern day orange carrot wasn’t cultivated until Dutch growers in the late 16th century took mutant strains of the purple carrot, including yellow and white carrots, and gradually developed them into the sweet, plump, orange variety we have today. Before this, pretty much all carrots were purple with mutated versions occasionally popping up including yellow and…


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"Art washes from the soul the dust of very day life" - Pablo Picasso




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Inspirational posters…


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Spectacular Shots

Called over-unders, split-shots, or just splits, this photographic technique helps you see both what's inside the water and outside of it at the same time. The lens (usually fisheye) is positioned half…

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Preview - Moschino

Moschino is synonymous with Italian Fashion trends and lovable Couture classics with a cheeky edge, whilst lending itself to luxury. Inspired by love and romance, and boasting delicate detailing and opulence; what’s not to love about this amorous creation? These suede stilettos are a wardrobe staple, yet boast a sassy twist with…


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Lulalu's - Desigual

The clothing brand is cheeky and idiosyncratic, colorful and original-they make clothes that in all respects is different from the rest, with flamboyant and remarkable prints, cuts and patchwork. Desigual dare against the grain and that is their strength.…


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Pop Culture Street Art

Inspired by pop culture icons and current social issues, he creates fantastically fun works in the unlikeliest of places. The French street artist Oakoak has been on a tear, turning park benches, stoops and dilapidated walls into wonderful and unexpected places for art. I love his take on pop-culture and can't get enough of his work.…


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Tennis Heights


The world’s highest tennis court stands atop the fourth highest hotel in the world - Burj al-Arab at Dubai. The tennis court is circular in shape and when no session is in play, it doubles as a helipad. The exact height of the tennis court is not known, but the hotel is 321 m (1,053 feet) tall and the court is located very near the top. My guess is, it’s close to 1000…


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