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The Blues

Sometimes we fall into a dark hole and the thought of what to do to get out just seems like an intangible what do we do? We just sit there with no thoughts, no ideas, just empty moments, breathing in and out unconsciously with no desire to change this train of thought.  When an idea pops in our heads we just head butt it out again, like an annoying fly coming to distract our attention…


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The Five Graces


I am a big believer that if I work on myself to become better, I then have the power to change the way I see things and stop trying to change everyone else. The discomfort I am feeling is My discomfort, and only when my judgment morphs into compassion will my view start shifting.

I believe that all of us have been given 5 graces (gifts):

The gift of Thought, The…


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Infinite 60 - G-Star Raw

I received 3 compliments yesterday and it was not for my good looks or my beautiful hair, it was all thanks to my G-STAR jeans RAW 3301. I know that you're thinking that the credit should go to the G-STAR design team, but don’t you know that each pair of jeans is a relationship-if you fit together you bring the best out in each other. Allow me to thank…


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