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A Slippery Memory















A close friend of mine gave me a pair of slippers as a gift the other day.  She loves to give thoughtful gifts - slippers…


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The Perfect Fit

I am always looking for the perfect pair of jeans.

I am not sure when the need to find the perfect fit, the coolest style and the right colour became an obsession.  You might think it's easy, but let me tell you looks are not everything. Imagine you spot a  guy and he looks like Matthew McConaughey, in how to "Loose a Guy in Ten Days”. You go over to talk to him and the conversation turns him from hero to zero in 10min flat.  That's the same exact feeling I get when I pick a pair of…


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This Bird and Me

The other day I was at a late meeting when I started noticing the sun setting, and even though the cell phone is not a close friend of mine, I love the idea of capturing something that moves me and holding on to it for a while. As I was taking my masterful photograph, I did not notice the" BIRD".     At first I was irritated that the bird spoilt my award winning photo, but…


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No More Noise

Sometimes I feel that we are bombarded with information about everything. 

They have told us about politics, politicians, people that are trying to save the world, people that want to destroy it, natural disasters and human disasters. 

We have seen people that care and those who cannot see past the right now.

There are those that are building new developments and those that are bombing them, all in the name of money , power, justice and god.

Then they scare us with one thing…


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