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Inizio Mall

The New Administrative Capital is most likely to end up being a dynamic area where numerous entrepreneurs like to spend their cash in successful jobs. Inizio Shopping Center New Capital is among these…


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Top Reasons to Undergo Professional Earwax Removal

Earwax or in medical terms, cerumen, is a waxy oil produced by your ear canal that protects the ear from dust, microorganisms, and any foreign particles. It also plays a part in a major role in the protection of your ear canal skin from irritation due to water. Normally any excess ear wax is automatically transported out of the canal and into the ear opening, after which it is washed away. However, for a lot of us, this process does not occur naturally and it can build up. In such cases…


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Innovative business class - Audi’s new A6

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Keeping up with the times has its pros and cons. Technology abounds, bringing with it fast-paced…


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Steel & Pipes: Three Beta Fencing Options

Betafence South Africa forms part of one of the largest fencing companies in the world. All Betafence products sold by Steel and Pipes are manufactured in their Paarl factory. Steel and Pipes for Africa offers three different beta fencing options in Cape Town. These options include Nylofor® Medium, Betaview® and Securifor® 358.

Option 1: Nylofor® Medium



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Finding the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Few homeowners are aware of the vital importance of lighting when it comes to interior design. It is one of interiors’ most crucial layers and is the cornerstone to the way people enjoy a room. Lighting is a magical tool that is capable of bringing a room or space to life. Whether to create a subtle awareness of the different features of the…


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