Steel & Pipes: Three Beta Fencing Options

Betafence South Africa forms part of one of the largest fencing companies in the world. All Betafence products sold by Steel and Pipes are manufactured in their Paarl factory. Steel and Pipes for Africa offers three different beta fencing options in Cape Town. These options include Nylofor® Medium, Betaview® and Securifor® 358.

Option 1: Nylofor® Medium

Nylofor® Medium is a versatile beta fencing option readily available in Cape Town that offers medium-level security. This option has a guaranteed extra-long lifespan, as the wire is coated in Zincalu® and plastic with maximum adhesion. The fence’s rectangular slits, horizontal reinforcements and welded mesh panels ensure proficient durability of the beta fencing option.

In terms of versatility, this beta fencing option allows you to choose panels from a range of heights, square or Bekafix® Secure posts with particular fixing systems, modified accessories and a wide range of swing and sliding gates. All of which are environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing. This fencing option comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Nylofor® Medium is a beta fencing option in Cape Town offering longevity, durability, efficiency and versatility.

Option 2: Betaview®

Betaview® is a beta fencing option that offers the perfect blend of security and aesthetics. The system is made up of robust wire and weld joints, which makes cutting through the fence, with bolt or wire cutters, incredibly difficult. While Betaview® offers optimal security, a saw-tooth panel top can be added for extra certainty.

Another benefit of using Betaview® as a beta fencing option is that it appears almost invisible from afar, meaning that surveillance cameras will not be obstructed. Much like the Nylofor® fencing option, the fence comes with a 10-year guarantee and is coated in Zincalu® and PVC with maximum adhesion, thereby ensuring an extra-long lifespan.

Betaview® is a beta fencing option in Cape Town that offers optimal security, visibility and durability.

Option 3: Securifor® 358

Securifor® 358 is the first choice when searching for a beta fencing option with maximum security. This fence is ideal for critical infrastructures, such as power or military facilities, prisons or borders. It requires low maintenance and has a guaranteed extra-long lifespan, as it is coated in Zincalu® and PVC. As a result, the fence can withstand any environment.

The security provided by this beta fencing option is exceptional. The system is both difficult to cut through, as well as almost impossible to scale. While the mesh slits are incredibly small, the visibility through the fence goes unaffected. Surveillance cameras will not be obstructed by this beta fencing option.

Securifor® 358 is a beta fencing option in Cape Town that offers unparalleled security, visibility, durability and aesthetic.

While there are a number of different beta fencing options available in Cape Town, it is important to choose the right fence according to your requirements. The three different options essentially offer the same benefits, but one fencing type may be more suitable to your infrastructure than another. Contact Steel and Pipes today to find out which option will best accommodate your fencing requirements.

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