Finding the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Few homeowners are aware of the vital importance of lighting when it comes to interior design. It is one of interiors’ most crucial layers and is the cornerstone to the way people enjoy a room. Lighting is a magical tool that is capable of bringing a room or space to life. Whether to create a subtle awareness of the different features of the room, or to transform the mood and atmosphere, the lighting you choose will either make or break your interior design. Therefore, when looking at the various products supplied by the lighting suppliers in Cape Town, you need to ensure you take the below key factors into consideration.

1. The decorative theme of your home or the room

Before you visit your local lighting suppliers, and choose your lighting fixtures, it is of vital importance that you decide on what the decorative theme of your home, or the room, will be. The lighting needs to fit the space, whether it is contemporary, classic, modern, or transitional. By ensuring that the lighting you select complements your home décor theme and style, it will not only spruce up your entire living area, but it will also make your home appear more welcoming.

2. The size of the space, as well as the light fixture

Another important factor to take into consideration when visiting the lighting suppliers in Cape Town is the size of the lighting fixture, as well as the size of the room or space. The two must be in proportion. You cannot have a large room with a tiny light, nor can you have a small room with a large light – it will look unbalanced and will negatively affect the feng shui. To assist you, you can either ask the lighting suppliers to develop an image to scale to help you visualise the proportion and synergy in the room, or you can measure the space yourself, and ask the supplier for advice on whether it will fit the room or not.

3. The flexibility offered by the light

When it comes to purchasing from lighting suppliers, always insist on having lighting that has a dimmer system. That way, you can control the room’s character no matter the time of day, event, or mood. In addition to this, these systems will also contribute to energy saving!

4. Your own personal preference

Think about it – you will be looking at these lighting fixtures practically every day for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to ensure that you love them. Do not simply opt for a fixture because it is currently “trending”. At the end of the day, it must feel like home to you and you should feel connected to the fixture you choose.

5. The quality of the lighting products supplied by the supplier

Finally, and most obviously, you need to ensure that the products you purchase from the different lighting suppliers in Cape Town are of a high quality. Nobody wants to invest in a beautiful lighting fixture, only for it to break after a few months or years.

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