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Come together .... over fest.

Last night, all the creative convergence, rhythmic coalescence and symmetrical synergy that fest has come to symbolise for me, came together at our band's opening festival gig - our SunshiP trio, now also with sax, electric violin and acoustic guitar. The other three had never played together, and only two of them had ever previously performed with us a long time ago. But we came together and cooked! They were moments of jubilant, thoughtless, total presence - with very gracious musicians…


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The Story of Strawberry Beer

In this day and age, if you're selling a product, it's unbelievably difficult to stand out from the crowd. So what's a company to do? You can spend a lot of money and see if something sticks or you can work with some highly creative people to see what they can do.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, the duo behind those beautiful…


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Grahamstown National Arts Festival According to Strato




Strato has gone gonzo at the Grahamstown National ArtsFest - and you're in it now for its full ten days.







Well, the Grahamstown National Arts Festival is upon us - hopefully heating up a freezing winter wonderland with creativity manifest! For…


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Ama ... Ama ... Ama ... Ama ... Amaaaaaaazing! Bless you.

When I first heard the Grahamstown National Arts Festival tagline of "Welcome to Amazing!" the copyrighter in me found it a tad twee - which doesn't change the fact that it's absolutely true.

Today is day three of my 12th or 13th ArtsFest; and indeed amazed again am I! There is something so preciously beautiful about people at the top of their game sharing their gift. And so many of them are here right now. 

Last night I was lucky enough to see the grand masters strumming…


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Kate Moss-Wedding

             Kate Moss in John Galliano with Jamie Hince in YSL.

As expected, Kate's bias cut slip dress is signature Galliano and totally Moss-like. It's slinky, vintage-inspired and heavily embellished with sparkling details that collect at the ruffled hemline. The sheer material shows a sexy-but-subtle flash of leg while the veil floats down…


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Celebrity Tattoos Revealed

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron and her mom have matching Koi fish tattoos on their ankles. The colorful Japanese carp fish often represent determination and power, because they are able to swim upstream even when faced with obstacles like waterfalls. Theron also has a lotus flower on her right…

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Babylonia Bangles


 All the way from Greece, these string bracelets are engraved with symbols, a spiral for soul, a heart for love, a fish for adaptability, a sun for optimism, a flower for trust, a star for hope, a cross for faith..… these make the perfect gifts for any occasion. They come in an…


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SA's taxi industry plans to launch an airline - when taxis fly

It's just too good to pass up. South Africa's minibus taxi industry is planning to launch an airline it was announced this week. It will be an easy transition seeing as how most taxis fly past you anyway. This morning I watched one Joburg taxi driver disregard a red light near the Zoo lake. Yesterday another driver sat talking on his cellphone while inching closer and closer and closer to my bumper - his taxi jampacked with extra commuters in what looked like a scene from some 80's college…


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Melange Magnifique

So day one of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival started off with a BANG! Literally. Last night I watched a drummer with 40 hands; or so it sounded; while the two that I could see looked happily, almost nonchalantly, bored. He was that good! They were all that good! A sextet called The Clearing. David Ledbetter's ensemble of the best young jazz musicians in the country - guitar, sax, trumpet, piano, double bass, drums. Breathtaking! The started off like Dave Brubeck and ended up like The…


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TWO launches Melissa Shoes 1

Two on 54, 6th street Parkhurst launches Mellisa Shoes.

Shoelosophy notes: 

I was fortunate to attend the launch of the Melissa shoes at Two last night. The store was buzzing with activity. Looking around I couldn't help but notice how nice the Melissa shoes actually look when worn. See the pic on the left? Well, I could not hold back…


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Sherry Miller - Cape Town

Sherry Miller, one of our favourite Cape Town fundis, spent time with us unlocking some of her own and Cape Town's secrets.


What do you love doing in Cape Town?

Well, it depends on the weather. On a warm summers day I like to go the beach, usually a quiet one away from the crowds where I can relax and swim so that would be Moses beach in…


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Super Yacht- Astrada

"You will almost certainly have been stopped in you tracks when you picked up the cover of this month's issue of the Boat International. No it's not a spaceship from a far off galaxy, it is the most fascinating, groundbreaking and glorious new super yacht taking shape in China. Destined to ply the Pacific Ocean with its owners. We salute the design, look at the development and bring you…


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tashas Gifting

tashas Village View has launched its beautiful gifting and homeware retail section.

Candles, Soaps, Dinner Sets, Wooden Boards, Aprons, Wrapping Paper and Greeting Cards.…


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