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A little Golf – the new bigger POLO

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#Flashback to 1975 - the VW Polo was born. 43 years have passed and so have several versions of the Polo. The 6th…


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Caring for Your Kitchen: 5 Killer Maintenance Tips for Your Kitchen Appliances

The secret of a highly functional kitchen lies in the quality of the appliances. Since most kitchen appliances come at costly prices, they are lifetime assets which require proper maintenance and care. Essentially, kitchen appliances should be periodically cleaned, as, without proper care, the shelf life of the appliances can go down considerably.  



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50 ways to say I love you


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Autumn Saviours

The change of season always plays havoc with various things- as the leaves fall abundantly everywhere, so your hair seems to want to mimic this plan of nature and you find that copious amounts of hair are alarmingly leaving your head. I usually try to put a stop to this arrangement by jumping in with immediate preventative measures- and these are old favourites- I bought these products myself, they are not sponsored at all.*…


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QMS - What you should know about Pigmentation

What you should know about Pigmentation

Age spots, sun spots, dark spots – pigmentation surfaces in all shapes and sizes for a…


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Celltone - 6 Surprising Reasons Your Skin Keep Breaking Out

It’s not just your hormones that might be causing your acne.

Although genetics, clogged pores and overproduction of sebum are all factors that play a role in creating breakouts, there are a few other triggers you might not be aware of.

1. Your hair products are wrecking your skin

The various sulphates and…


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Live O-Shot procedure

The first ever live O-Shot procedure on Instagram live was performed by Dr Nicole Kanaris. This was done to demonstrate that this is a non-surgical procedure with no downtime. It is quick and effective with a very low risk to the patients. Natural substance are used.

Dr Kanaris is a medical doctor with a special…


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