The first ever live O-Shot procedure on Instagram live was performed by Dr Nicole Kanaris. This was done to demonstrate that this is a non-surgical procedure with no downtime. It is quick and effective with a very low risk to the patients. Natural substance are used.

Dr Kanaris is a medical doctor with a special interest in Aesthetic medicine. She trained for the O-shot procedure in Beverly Hills in 2016. She is the only doctors’ trainer for South Africa. There are currently only 9 doctors performing the o-Shot in South Africa. There are over 500 doctors worldwide.

For the O-shot procedure media was present in the procedure room. The patient was introduced to the media but for all filming purposes her identity was kept private. She was filmed from behind.
The schedule of events was kept to the exact way a normal consultation would occur with a normal patient. Forms were filled out, numbing cream is applied to the patient’s genitalia, a consultation was done with Dr Kanaris, blood was drawn, blood was put into the centrifuge. There was then an open forum for questions from general public and media that the doctor answered. Once the blood was prepared (platetelet rich plasma PRP was seperated from full blood) the doctor screened the patient’s intimate regions off from the media and the procedure was done. It literally took 3 minutes. The patient got up and got dressed. Time was taken to discuss the treatment.

The O-Shot includes extracting platelet rich plasma (PRP) from full blood and injecting it into the vagina and clitoris to help women with urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pain, sexual enhancement. PRP contains growth factors and when these are injected into an area they stimulate regeneration of that area. They lay down new blood vessels, increase sensation of the area and build up collagen.
In the clitoris they increase sensation by better blood supply to the nerves and area. In the vagina they help strengthen the tissue around the urethra (urine outlet pipe) to help with stress urinary incontinence. They stimulate the regeneration of tissue in the g-spot region, to increase sensation. They help rejuvenate the skin and tissue they are injected into. They help the glands so more lubrication is produced.

There are multiple positive effects. Patients are screened and if there is a need, the doctor works in conjunction with gynaecologists and psychologists.

Dr Nicole Kanaris
Medical doctor

Mode De Vie, Medical & Aesthetics
Eden Meadows centre
Cnr Van Riebeeck and Modderfontein Road
South Africa

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