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Yves Saint Laurent Opium

Yves Saint Laurent Opium gets more wearable with each incarnation.

The latest of which, Black Opium Nuit Blanche, is inspired by Nuit Blanche, an annual arts festival held in Paris. The festival is known for lasting all night, and it’s this energy of the City of Lights that has been captured in this…


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Taste of Waterfall

Waterfall Corner nestled in Woodmead, between Maxwell & Woodmead drives, is a delightful, boutique lifestyle centre, home to some of Joburg's trendy restaurants.  It features a buzzing piazza at its heart, which creates a hive of activity, however still managing to maintain a relaxed and laid - back indoor-outdoor atmosphere.…


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Melissa + Jeremy Scott Inflatable Collaboration

“I do always like the idea of putting a smile on people´s faces when they see my work and hopefully surprising them. One of the reasons I choose to do this collaboration with Melissa was because I wanted to share my designs with more people and I felt this would be a great way to do that. I love seeing people wearing my designs and that they can be part of…


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Busing around is big business

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Us human beings like to put life in boxes – people, things and even personality types. Hyundai has created a car that looks like a box while reveling at the task of putting things within itself. The car? Their H1.

Hyundai’s H1, Bus, Multicab and…


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Made in Italy

Montecasino is bringing La Dolce Vita (“The Sweet Life") to Joburg with their Made in Italy festival from Friday 6 – Sunday 8 May. Enjoy the very best that Italy has to offer – without the cost of a plane ticket!

There’ll be something for the whole family to enjoy – Movie screenings on the Piazza (all Italian inspired of course), live entertainment, live cooking demonstrations with…


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Poetry - Ariah Printed Tunic Dress

Poetry has collaborated with Cape Town based artist, Andrew Sutherland. His design for the Ariah Printed Tunic Dress draws on inspiration found in the natural world around us. A world that is sometimes chaotic and unpredictable but always beautiful. Think of this as your very own piece of wearable art.

The dress features a beautiful…


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Homeware By Luca

Are you looking to spruce up a particular room in your home?  The easiest way to do so is by adding accessories to a space that talks to you!  Homeware by Luca is inspired by fashion, by people and by an aspirational lifestyle. Their range offers a touch of luxe in the…


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Autumn Skin: How Often Should you Exfoliate?

You’re getting older and your cell turnover is slower and you want younger, brighter skin. It’s time to exfoliate.

What is it?

Exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface.

How often should you exfoliate?

If you’re doing it at home, then 1 – 2 times per week with an enzymatic exfoliator. This means the…


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How To - Up Your Brow Game

Up until recently, eyebrows were the most underrated part of the face. Though they often get the least amount of attention, a little bit of grooming can completely transform your look, and give your make-up a more rounded-off or completed appearance.

With celebs like …


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Carlton Hair Blow Dry Bar

In our new day and age with increasing deadlines and demands we find that we are always on the move and often do not find the time to get that perfect hair-do. Done ourselves at home in a rush it usually ends in one big hair disaster.

Our Blow Dry Specialists have been trained day in and day out to perform the most professional looks in no time with the help of It Factor® –…


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Jennifer Aniston Crowned World's Most Beautiful Woman 2016

Jennifer Aniston has been named People's Most Beautiful Woman of the year after being recognised for her commitment to natural beauty...

The 47-year-old actress - who is known for her natural beauty regime and intense fitness routine - beat stiff competition from the likes of previous winners Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and Courteney Cox…


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The left footed futurist – Lexus RX 450h


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Absolutely Filorga- start anti-ageing your hands

French skincare experts, Filorga, have developed a beautiful new rejuvenating hand cream, just in time for the dry winter months. The formula is rich and creamy, but absorbs instantly without leaving any tackiness- just the gorgeous signature scent that permeates every Filorga product.

With ingredients like Shea butter, Cocoa butter and urea to heal and repair, plant sugar to help hydration, hyaluronic acid and collagen to smoothe and sea lily extract to combat dark spots, this hand…


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Sky Grand Prix of Aerobatics

The extremely popular Sky Grand Prix of Aerobatics will return to the skies of Durban on the 28 May at Greyville Race Course. This event goes beyond any other aviation event that has been staged in Durban or South Africa. Spectators can look forward to the thrilling sounds and aerobatics of these flying machines as they execute their manoeuvres with speed and fine precision. …


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The Harvest Festival - 30 April

If you’re looking for another day of fun in the sun this autumn, then The Harvest Festival held in Pretoria is something not to miss.

The prestigious annual wine festival hosted at Leriba Hotel and Spa, presents more than 70 of the top wine farms in South Africa.  The range of top wines will be complemented by handpicked cheese, olive and herb farms, as well as fresh…


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X1 better the second time around


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Although it is arguably a strange looking SUV, the previous…


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Accessorise Your Look

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Kirsten Goss Diamond Collection

Diamonds are forever and for everyone, but if you’re an April child, diamonds are particularly for you as it’s this month’s birthstone!

The Ombre Diamond Collection from Kirsten Goss, the latest addition to the Diamond Condition showcases the considered yet playful design and execution that Kirsten dedicates herself to.…


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The Executive: Ordning & Reda

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The Statement Jacket

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