Melissa + Jeremy Scott Inflatable Collaboration

“I do always like the idea of putting a smile on people´s faces when they see my work and hopefully surprising them. One of the reasons I choose to do this collaboration with Melissa was because I wanted to share my designs with more people and I felt this would be a great way to do that. I love seeing people wearing my designs and that they can be part of people´s everyday life.” Jeremy Scott
The capsule collection consists of the Melissa Inflatable Mule, a Melissa Ankle Boot and two flats, called Melissa Space Love and Melissa Tube Sandal. Each style features an exclusive air nozzle thus simulating Jeremy Scott’s signature inflatable shoe in collaboration with Melissa Shoes, which are available for purchase at Melissa stores.
“I find the energy between opposing elements inspiring. I also love twisting reality and making the surreal, real! It was more of a play off the fact that Melissa is known for its plastic shoes. I wanted to have it play with the inflatable pool toy ideas.”


Melissa Ankle Boot + Jeremy Scott

Focusing on winter fashion, Jeremy Scott created this exclusive version of a Melissa Ankle Boot. The colour chart brings a cool mood in contrast with its elegant design. A classy rain boot with a funky touch, due to the placement of the air valve on one side of the shoe. With a pointy toe and low heels, this item might be one of the big hits of this collection.

Melissa Inflatable Mule + Jeremy Scott

Casual and fun, The Mule by Jeremy was one of the greatest hits of this collaboration. The high and thick heels make this item an impressive and desirable one, perfect for different occasions. Modern lines and the placement of the air nozzle on the back, imitating a float inflation valve, which are some of the details that might capture fashionistas’ attention this season – as well as the diversified colour palette.


Melissa Space Love + Jeremy Scott

The 90’s pop trend was Jeremy’s inspiration to revisit the traditional Melissa’s, Space Love. The vibrant colour chart lights up this season, with the designer’s signature on the side of the shoe. On the upper, ‘blown up’ heart and bow symbols simulate small inflatable floats, where the air nozzle was placed.

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