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African Traditional Dresses 2019 From Vividress

Good day ladies,

Specially for you ladies who love traditional dresses, here are some brand new 2019 styles.…


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Hyundai Kona

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This week we have another supermini in the compact crossover…


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The smart person’s executive sedan, the IS 300h Lexus.

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The Lexus brand, like the Volvo brand (in my opinion), makes premium executive cars that are purposefully different. 


Less interested in following the herd, whose pack leaders fight out who is the Alpha of the pack,…


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Men in Tutus- on stage at The Teatro, Montecasino

Seriously, life is stressful at the moment with load shedding, power outages and bad traffic jams, so we  really need a lighter side to life- and I'm suggesting you head off to the theatre next month to enjoy Les Ballets Eloelle (say that out loud for your first laugh). Hot from new York, these boys are led by founder, Artistic Director and lead dancer Victor…


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Camp Forester

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Remember the American movies that feature an all-American family? The dad is a sporty,…


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Monoclonal Antibody Drugs for Treating Cancer

When it comes to Monoclonal Antibody Drugs, they’re used for the treatment of cancer. One can use these medications together with other cancer treatment options, of course after consulting an oncologist. If anyone you know is plagued with cancer, learn what this antibody-drug can do and what to expect from the therapy. You might be wondering what…


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Budget busting size queen SUV – the KIA Sorrento

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The prices of cars have gone bonkers! What you could have bought for R600 000 a few years…


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Effective Industrial Equipments

To flourish successfully in a business platform as an entrepreneur you should check out for reliable workforce and sophisticated equipments. The in-built equipments at your work place must be very much effective, make a replacement for a latest ones at S.Cranes crane manufacturing company. Most of the industries need cranes, elevators and hoists to ease the movements of the raw materials. Gone are those days where manual labors are employed to shift the goods from one place to another. If…


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